The Favorite Star Trek Alien Ability Is...

The Favorite Star Trek Alien Ability Is..., in our latest fan poll, asked readers “Which alien ability would you choose? – and the options were Cybernetic Enhancement (Borg), Empathy (Betazeds), Exquisite Hearing (Ferengi), Shape Changing (Founders), Super Strength (Klingons) or Telepathy (Species 8472). And the winner was… Shape Changing, with a full 50% of the vote, besting Telepathy (15%), Empathy (14%), Cybernetic Enhancement (11%), Super Strength (9%) and Exquisite Hearing (1%).

Whether or not you voted, are you surprised by the results?

And here are some reader comments:

"Shape changing, a no-brainer." - David Castlebury

"Empathy is always underrated." - Patrick William Clemenger

"By the way, if anyone's torn between the Betazed and the Klingons, let me remind you that of the many times Worf got owned; at least twice it was by Troi." - Constantinos Galilei

"Cybernetic implants; my back and knees are shot. An upgrade to my eyes, too." - Stephen Crewes

Do you agree?