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The Elachi Lock Box

The Elachi Lock Box

The Elachi Lock Box

Although reports of similar alien encounters have been recorded as far back as the 22nd Century, it wasn't until their ships first appeared in Romulan space that the Elachi finally came to be known by name. Since these mysterious, silent adversaries began working in concert with Tal Shiar forces, they have mounted a series of devastating attacks on colonies and settlements and are believed to be responsible for hundreds - possibly even thousands - of disappearances in this region of known space. These abductions have struck fear into the hearts of many species in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, and people across the galaxy now look into the skies and wonder if the Elachi will be coming for them next.

During the many clashes between Elachi and the Romulan Republic and its allies, many examples of Elachi technology have been recovered and are being adapted to help fight these silent enemies. Elachi technology may even allow ships to someday explore subspace, where the Elachi apparently have the ability to safely travel and even construct stations for their fleets.Study of this technology is still ongoing, but initial findings indicate a possible link between the Elachi and artifacts of Iconian origin. What the connection between these species could be is yet to be determined. And the Elachi themselves have not been known to talk about anything, much less divulge the secrets of their origins.

The mysterious aliens seen in the Enterprise episode “Silent Enemy” are an intriguing part of the Star Trek mythos that we’ve wanted to introduce into the story of Star Trek Online for quite some time. Attempting to build their story from what little was divulged onscreen was both a challenge and an inspiration. Since such a small amount of information was established about the aliens that were previously nicknamed “Shroomies,” we had plenty of opportunity to address the questions that were never answered in the episode: What did they really want? Where did they come from? Why have we not seen them since the 22nd Century?Although not all of the answers to questions like these have been presented to players just yet, you can rest assured that the rich backstory of the Elachi species has much more to reveal about deeper mysteries and conflicts that are unfolding in the known universe in 2409. The process of creating those stories and connections, along with designing their ships and abilities, has netted some amazing game mechanics that we’re excited about putting into the hands of players.Romulan captains already received a sneak peak of flying the Elachi S’golth Escort during the mission “Devil’s Choice,” but soon all captains will be able to earn a permanent version of the menacing vessel. This ship packs a lot of firepower and durability for its relatively small size, and will be a powerful asset for any player fortunate enough to receive one from the Elachi Lock Box.

Elachi S’golth Escort
Console – Universal - Crescent Wave Cannon

Also available from the Lobi Crystal Store is the Elachi Monbosh Battleship. This vessel’s distinctive vertical silhouette has become recognized as a fearful enemy for any ship confronted by the fleets of the mysterious Elachi. Monbosh Battleships come equipped with a Console - Universal - Subspace Transceiver. Activating this console will enable the launch of two small support craft from the vessel. These craft are unmanned and controlled by onboard computers which specialize in Control and Support combat subroutines. The Control Craft will attempt to use abilities such as Viral Matrix on enemy targets, while the Support Craft will focus on restoring the shields and hull of nearby allies. This console can be equipped on any Elachi vessel.

S'golth Escort,

Crescent Wave Cannon
Subspace Transceiver
Crescent Wave Cannon

Elachi Lock Box
Temporal Lock Box

Federation Captains

Klingon Empire Captains

Romulan Republic Captains

Elachi Lock Box
Cross-Faction Consoles
Universal Console
Console – Universal – Subspace Integration Circuit

Genetic Resequencers

Elachi Lock Box

Regenerative Tissue – Ground Trait

Firearms Specialist – Ground Trait

Wing Commander – Space Trait

Inspirational Leader – Space Trait

Elachi Survivor Duty Officers
Elachi Survivor Duty Officer

Crescent Weaponry

Elachi Lock Box
Weapon Pack

Tal Shiar Lock Box
Elachi Lock Box

Random Bonus Pool Boosts

Elachi Lock Box

Duty Officer Mini-Packs

Elachi Lock Box

Heavy Crescent Wave Cannon
Elachi Subspace Torpedo
Universal Console – Bioneural Infusion Circuits

Drone Constructor

Elachi Flame Crawler:

Elachi Support Drone:

Elachi Crescent Blast Turret:

Crescent Cannon Pistol


Elachi Lock Box