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The Doctor You Want To Treat Your Emergency Is...

The Doctor You Want To Treat Your Emergency Is..., in our most recent reader poll, asked “Which Star Trek doctor would you prefer to treat your emergency?” The options were Dr. Julian Bashir, Dr. Beverly Crusher, The Doctor, Dr. Leonard McCoy, Dr. Phlox and Dr. Katherine Pulaski. Several thousand people replied and, holy hologram, The Doctor won the day with 29% of the vote. Voyager’s cranky EMH bested McCoy (25%), Crusher (24%), Bashir (14%), Phlox (5%) and Pulaski (2%).

Here’s what some readers had to say about the doctors on our Facebook page:

“Love Bones but have a geeky crush on a certain holo'Doc.” – Elayne Geddes

“I'm surprised the 'Doctor' is ahead of Bones. And no one seems to like Pulaski (I seem to be the only one...)” – Jeanna Gale

“Bones, of course!” – Ray Navindra Kasideen

“That’s a toughie. All these doctors had the greatest personalities! All had good bedside manner, too. Wouldn't mind any of them taking care of me.” – Toby C. Appel

“Doc from Voyager had the most growth as a character with lots of humour and poignant moments which really got you to think in the true spirit of Trek, but Bones and his relationship with Spock is legendary! Crusher was ok but not great, other than bedside manner. Bashir and Phlox had their moments but were generally easily forgotten. McCoy and EMH get my vote.” – Jason Kelly