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The Designs Behind Star Trek Into Darkness Costumes

The Designs Behind Star Trek Into Darkness Costumes

Now that the biggest secrets about Star Trek Into Darkness are out, the lid is being lifted on some of the smaller ones. For example, Film Sketcher, a blog devoted to concept design and storyboarding in science-fiction films and TV, and Clothes on Film, have unveiled concept designs – some used and some not -- for the costumes seen in Star Trek Into Darkness. Michael Kaplan served as the costume designer on STID, and he recruited Constantine Sekeris, Christopher Ross, Keith Christensen and others to conceive the various designs for the Klingons, the Enterprise crew and, of course, Khan.

"Volcano Suit"- designed by Keith Christensen

“The overall script was darker for Star Trek Into Darkness and so the costumes reflect that world,” Kaplan told Clothes on Film. “As prequels to the 1960s TV series, both of these films that I designed with J.J. Abrams hark back to that time period as its heart. While working on both films I always had books featuring fashion designers Rudy Gernreich, André Courrèges, Paco Rabanne and Pierre Cardin close at hand to ground me in that period.”

"Klingon Costume"- designed by Constantine Sekeris

Discussing the helmets sported by the Klingons, Kaplan noted, “The helmets address a lot of the features the Klingons have without having to show them. You kind of know they're Klingons because they have those foreheads … even when they're wearing their helmets you can tell."

"Space Jump Suit"- designed by Constantine Sekeris

And, yes, though there are no sketches, Kaplan addressed the matter of the underwear worn by Alice Eve/Dr. Carol Marcus in one particularly controversial scene. “After trying my hand at reinventing the bra, the results were so distracting that the intent of the scene would have been missed,” Kaplan explained to Clothes on Film. “I will say no more…”