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The Autobiography of James T. Kirk Out Now

The Autobiography of James T. Kirk Out Now previewed it. William Shatner read aloud from it at Comic-Con. And it's finally here. The Autobiography of James T. Kirk: The Story of Starfleet's Greatest Captain, produced by Becker&Mayer! and published by Titan Books, is available now. Once again, here are details direct from the publisher: "Don't let them promote you. Don't let them transfer you. Don't let them do anything that takes you off the bridge of that ship because while you're there, you can make a difference. "—James T. Kirk, 2371The Autobiography of James T. Kirk chronicles the greatest Starfleet captain's life (2233–2371), in his own words. From his boyhood on an Iowa farm, his youth spent on Tarsus IV, his time in the Starfleet Academy, his meteoric raise through the ranks of Starfleet, and his illustrious career at the helm of the Enterprise, this in-world memoir uncovers Captain Kirk in a way Star Trek fans have never seen.Kirk's singular voice rings throughout the text, giving insight into his convictions, his bravery, and his commitment to the life—in all forms—throughout this galaxy and beyond. Packaged in a handsome hardcover format, with a center section of photographs, sketches, and original illustrations, this in-world biography will serve as a profile of courage and celebration of a beloved Star Trek hero.David Goodman, noted television writer and author of Federation: The First 150 Years, is somehow involved; OK, he's actually the author, but don't ruin it for anyone. The Autobiography of James T. Kirk runs 288 pages and costs $24.99. Visit to purchase.


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