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Ten New Characters for Timelines

Ten New Characters for Timelines

In Star Trek Timelines, you are a Starfleet Captain tasked with assembling a crew of famous (and infamous) characters from all eras of Star Trek brought together by a series of temporal anomalies. You equip and level-up your crew, exploring the galaxy with them by your side, while leveraging their unique skills and abilities to resolve conflicts. Many players form their Away Mission teams based on skills and traits, choosing who will give them the best result. Others may choose to select crew simply based on who their favorite characters are. Regardless of your approach, with hundreds of characters, there is the perfect crew for every Captain. And today we’re happy to reveal ten new characters that are coming very soon to the in-game store known as the Time Portal.Stay tuned to the blog for the latest build-notes and notifications of when these and future characters are added to the game.Attention, crew members — present yourselves for inspection.

Captain KurnSeries: The Next Generation and Deep Space NineEpisodes: MultipleSkills: Command, SecurityMaximum Rarity: Four Stars

Chief La Forge

Series: The Next GenerationEpisodes: "Booby Trap," "The Mind’s Eye," "I Borg," "The Next Phase" and moreSkills: Engineering, Science, CommandMaximum Rarity: Three Stars

Commander KorSeries: The Original SeriesEpisode: "Errand of Mercy"Skills: Command, Security, DiplomacyMaximum Rarity: Three Stars

Commander Maddox

Series: The Next GenerationEpisode: "The Measure of a Man"Skills: Science, Engineering, DiplomacyMaximum Rarity: Three Stars

Dr. Carol Marcus

Film: Star Trek II: The Wrath of KhanSkills: Science, CommandMaximum Rarity: Three Stars

Duelist BarclaySeries: The Next GenerationEpisode: "Hollow Pursuits"Skills: Engineering, Security, ScienceMaximum Rarity: Three Stars

Ensign PazlarSeries: Deep Space NineEpisode: "Melora"Skills: Science, CommandMaximum Rarity: Two Stars

KeevanSeries: Deep Space NineEpisode: "Rocks and Shoals"Skills: Command, DiplomacyMaximum Rarity: Three Stars

Rescuer TuckerSeries: EnterpriseEpisode: "Acquisition"Skills: Engineering, Security, CommandMaximum Rarity: Three Stars

Sniper ReedSeries: EnterpriseEpisode: "Marauders"Skills: Security, CommandMaximum Rarity: Three Stars

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