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"Surface Tension" - The Dramatic Next Step

"Surface Tension" - The Dramatic Next Step

Star Trek Online is nearly ready to release their next content update, Season 9: A New Accord. Their latest Feature Episode, "Surface Tension," will take players on the dramatic next step in the Star Trek Online journey.

When the story left off in "A Step Between Stars," Admiral Tuvok had called for a joint conference to discuss the Undine situation. "Surface Tension" begins at that summit in the Jenolan Dyson Sphere. The tenuous alliance created to handle the Solanae Dyson Sphere threatens to tear itself apart as the friction and hostility between the various powers of the Alpha Quadrant comes to the fore.

While Admiral Tuvok remains a leading voice for joint action against the Undine threat, others in the Federation are more focused on keeping control of the Jenolan Sphere. The Klingon Empire remains dubious of the Federation's stance on the Undine and is eyeing the Jenolan sphere as territory to be conquered for the glory of the Empire. The leaders of the Romulan Republic are maneuvering to position themselves as the lead administrators of this sphere as well, a move that will secure their people's future in the galaxy.

With many agendas fighting for control, Admiral Tuvok needs the aid of his allies to help quell tensions and to guide the summit. Players will team up with Admiral Tuvok to try to bring the factions together to face this new threat, but that might be even harder to do than anyone thinks.

The STO team is excited to welcome back Star Trek: Voyager star Tim Russ as he reprises his role as Admiral Tuvok. Starting April 22nd at about 10 AM PDT, players level 10 and up from all three factions will be able to hail Admiral Tuvok from the "Available" tab on the Mission journal (default key "J"), or via the event entry on the in-game calendar. Once they accept the mission, they will be directed to the Solanae Gateway, which is located near the Jouret System in the Tau Dewa Sector Block, to cross into the Delta Quadrant.

Those who complete the mission will earn their choice of a variety of rewards which will assist players in playing the Season 9 content. These rewards include new traits for space and ground specific to fighting the Undine, profession-specific Counter-Command kits, and a Counter-Command Tactical Console. The kits and tactical console may be claimed by all captains, but can be used by lvl 50 captains only. The new traits can be used by captains of any level.

Star trek Online is thrilled bring this latest Featured Episode to the fans and take them on a journey to a new and exciting future.

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