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STO Guest Blog: Warbird Singularity Powers

STO Guest Blog: Warbird Singularity Powers

In previous blogs, we unveiled the various Romulan Warbirds players will be able to captain as well as Romulan ship progression. Today, I am excited to reveal the new Singularity mechanic that is unique to these starships.The information below represents the current development state of this mechanic. It’s important to note that information provided in this blog is subject to change as beta progresses. All Singularity mechanic information in this blog is subject to change at any time.Singularity EnergyOne of the more interesting traits of Romulan starships is that they have a Singularity Warp Core instead of the standard Matter-Antimatter Warp Cores used by Federation and Klingon Empire starships. This gave us an interesting way to introduce some new mechanics that will make for a unique Romulan player experience.Singularity Mechanic

Singularity Powers

Plasma Shockwave

This power releases a massive blast of Plasma energy from the Warbird that deals some initial Plasma damage as well as a large amount of Plasma damage over time to enemies within 5 kilometers. This power’s damage is enhanced by the Particle Generator skill. This power’s initial damage and periodic damage is increased with Singularity energy level.

Plasma Shockwave is a large radius blast which deals a small amount of initial damage and a very large amount of Plasma damage over time. This power’s radius and damage makes it excellent for clearing out pesky fighters and shuttles as well as dealing a respectable amount of damage to larger enemies.Quantum Absorption

Singularity: +Temporary Hit Points, +Shield Heal, +Shield Heal Over TimeAvailability: Tier 2+ Warbirds

Quantum Absorption grants you a large amount of temporary hit points (which prevent damage to your hull if your shield is down), an instant shield heal as well as a periodic shield heal over time. This power is an excellent choice if you’re near defeat or if you need to absorb a foe’s deadly alpha strike. This power’s boost to temporary hit points, shield heal and shield heal over time is increased with Singularity energy level.

Warp Shadow

Singularity: Create Warp ShadowsAvailability: Tier 3+ Warbirds

When activating this power you will execute a very short range sub-space jump to a nearby location and you’ll create a number of Warp Shadows equal to your Singularity energy level. These indestructible sensor anomalies appear as copies of your ship and are intended to confuse an unsuspecting foe into attacking them instead of you. Mechanically speaking, the summoned pets will taunt nearby foes but don’t actually attack enemies or deal any damage. After a short time your Warp Shadows will vanish and your vessel will immediately cloak for a brief period. During this time you can attack as normal.

In short, Warp Shadow can pull you out of a dangerous situation by redirecting enemy fire onto a number of indestructible copies of your ship.Singularity Jump

Singularity: Self Teleport, Create SingularityAvailability: Tier 4+ Warbirds

Energy Weapons: Singularity Overcharge

Power Availability

These Warbird Singularity Powers introduce an awesome new gameplay mechanic that makes Warbirds unique and incredibly fun to command. We cannot wait for you to be able check them out this May when Legacy of Romulus launches. See you in-game!Phil "Gorngonzolla" ZeleskiSystems DesignerStar Trek Online