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STO Guest Blog: No Win Scenario

STO Guest Blog: No Win Scenario

Ever since you were placed in command of your first starship, you have proven yourself a worthy officer and risen through the ranks. Your crew has served with you to overcome many challenges... But have you ever faced a no-win scenario? In Star Trek Online, characters who reach level 50 have the chance to take on a variant of the original no win scenario simulation, made famous in Star Trek lore by the one captain known to have beaten it."I don't believe in the no-win scenario; I don't like to lose." - Captain James T. KirkThe No Win Scenario event was launched in July 2012 as part of STO's Season 6 update. Designed to be a true No Win Scenario, it was stated at the time that players were not expected to progress much further than wave 6 or 7. The mission was not artificially gated, capable of being completed if a team beat all 10 waves. Each wave is progressively more difficult than the last, rewarded by ever-increasing fleet marks for completing each. This can be very profitable way to earn fleet marks for your fleet, if your teammates and you are coordinated enough to conquer the later waves.In addition to the fleet mark reward, there are six accolades and four titles for players that are able to complete the later waves. Those who are able to beat the final three waves are also rewarded with a server announcement that is broadcast to all the other players playing STO at the time.The objective of the simulation is for a team of five players to protect a civilian transport for as long as they can from a randomly selected enemy race, which attacks from multiple flanks and multiple waves. As the difficulty level increases, the team also faces a custom-crafted threat for this scenario: Bio-Neural Warhead Platforms. These armed turrets are not only capable of self-repair, but also of firing salvos of armed and highly-damaging Bio-Neural Warheads.The first team was relieved and excited to beat the No Win Scenario at the end of 2012. A walkthrough was later made available for the community, resulting in the small community of No Win Scenario strategists expanding to take in those interested in defying the odds.Strategy in a Nutshell

A Crew Working Together

What Makes a Good ‘No Win Scenario’ Build?

Example Build: Fleet Advanced Escort

Conclusion and Final Words