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STO Guest Blog -- Fleet System Expansion: Dilithium Mine Outpost

STO Guest Blog -- Fleet System Expansion: Dilithium Mine Outpost

Fleet System Expansion: Dilithium Mine Outpost

In Season 6, we introduced our incredibly popular Fleet Starbase feature. This holding allowed fleet members to work together and contribute to a single greater goal to not only build the fleet’s very own Starbase, but also unlock excellent personal rewards. In Season 7, our second fleet holding, the Embassy, was released. This was our first fleet outpost and it continued to give fleets, both large and small, reasons to work together to achieve meaningful goals.We are excited to be able to reveal our next Fleet Outpost. The Dilithium Mine will be hitting the live servers soon! This holding focuses on improving fleet project efficiency and giving fleet members the opportunity to earn additional dilithium ore every day in a variety of ways.Environment


The Dilithium Mine can be compared to the Embassy for effort and resources required to progress through it. Also like the Embassy holding, it has one main track and two sub-tracks.Dilithium Mine (Main Track)Progressing through the main track of the Dilithium Mine will reward the fleet with expanded environments, discounts on dilithium costs, daily dilithium mining missions and other amenities. This track gains experience via completion of upgrading your Trade and Development sub-tracks. Some of the reward highlights for the Dilithium Track are:•    Three tiers of discounts on fleet project dilithium input costs•    Construction projects that unlock discounts on most dilithium stores for all fleet members•    Daily dilithium mining missions•    Daily mission to refine additional Dilithium Ore beyond your capTrade (Sub-Track)Upgrading the Trade track will grant fleet project item input discounts and access to advanced engineering consoles.  The rewards found in this sub-track are:•    Three tiers of discounts on fleet project item input costs•    Three tiers of fleet advanced engineering consoles•    Reduced recharge time on the Call Trade Freighter power (Azura II, Vov’wl, Suliban Cell)Development (Sub-Track)Progressing through the development sub-track will grant fleet mark discounts on fleet projects, access to special duty officers and duty officer assignments, as well as fleet warp cores. The specific rewards found in this sub-track are:•    Three tiers of discounts on fleet mark fleet project input costs•    Advanced Fleet Warp Cores Mk XII•    Advanced Fleet Singularity Warp Cores Mk XII•    Elite Fleet Warp Cores Mk XII•    Elite Fleet Singularity Warp Cores MK XII•    Miner Duty Officers•    Mining Duty Officer AssignmentsQ&AHow did fleets gain rights to build this outpost in the Vlugta asteroid field?

How do I access the Dilithium Mine?

Where is the Dilithium Mine?

Does the interior and exterior of the mine change as new tiers are unlocked?

Will there be special featured projects available for the Dilithium Mine?

Are there dilithium inputs required for the Dilithium Mine projects?

Will the fleet discounts apply retroactively?

Do the fleet discounts also apply to the Dilithium Mine?

I’ve already maxed out my Starbase and Embassy. What do these discounts do for me?