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STO Guest Blog: Fleet System Expansion

STO Guest Blog: Fleet System Expansion

“This is Captain Picard of the Enterprise. I'm taking command of the fleet!”

Star Trek
Season 6: Under Siege
Season 7

Introducing the Fleet Embassy Outpost.

As your Recruitment track increases in rank, your fleet will become more appealing to Romulan personnel and may convince some of their population to join your crew and your adventures. Unlocking tiers in the Recruitment track will update the appearance of the Embassy’s Research and Development locations while also providing provisionable rewards such as Romulan Bridge Officers, updated kits, Romulan Duty Officers, and several Duty Officer Assignment slot upgrades.Unlocking tiers in the Embassy track will update the appearance of the majority of your Embassy, while also providing functionality updates. Embassy transwarps, Starbase to Embassy transportation, Duty Officer Assignment availability in your Embassy, and a variety of discount vendors will all be made available through progress in this track.The Embassy will provide another avenue of progression for fleets and allow them to feel more involved in the story and construction of New Romulus. The new rewards, new social environment, and new possibilities combine to provide fun, interesting, and most of all, Trek xperience for the fleets in STO. I look forward to seeing you all online for Season 7, and can’t wait to see the progress your fleets are certain to make on the new Embassy Outpost. We’ll see you in-game!Steve "SalamiInferno" Ricossa, Jr.Producer Star Trek Online