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STO Guest Blog: Epohh Tagging

STO Guest Blog: Epohh Tagging


Tips from a Seasoned Tagger

Next Steps

So, now that you have your tags, let's do something with them! Go ahead and talk to Toreth, as she has a Duty Officer (DOFF) assignment for you.Now, for this DOFF assignment, you will see it that it requires science Duty Officers and lists out specific specializations and traits that will increase the success and critical success (crit) chances of its completion. It has a guaranteed success rate that will reward 1 Epohh research, and a critical success will reward 3 Epohh research. DOFF attributes that can increase your crit chance are include slotting officers of higher rarity (very rare/purple) and officers with the Efficient and Logical traits.Next, once you start this assignment, all you have to do is wait. I will mention that all DOFF assignments related to Epohhs take exactly 24 hours to complete, but once they are done, you can (if applicable) start them again without waiting on a cooldown.When the assignment has completed the next day, collect the reward, and don't forget to participate in tagging again. Repeat that process until you have collected 5 Epohh research in total. Once you have, talk to Toreth again and choose to open up her 'Store.'Your First EpohhNow, pretty much the bulk of the 'work' is done at this point. In the store, you can choose one of 4 Epohh pups to buy: River, Forest, Mountain, or Ruin. The only difference between them is color, and what they can evolve to. If you're just tagging for the Romulan Marks, choose anything; if you’re looking to raise a pup to become your new non-combat pet, go ahead and pick what you want the most. It's worth noting that ALL Epohhs, research and tags are bound to you the moment you get them.Now that you have your new Epohh pup, it’s time to say goodbye to it already and talk to the other Romulans standing around camp. There are five in particular, each specializing in a different type of Epohh: River, Forest, Mountain, Ruin, and Evolved.Speak to the Romulan who focuses on your Epohh type and choose the Epohh pup DOFF assignment. It will require the Epohh pup and a couple of DOFFs to start. Again, if you don't care about the type of Epohh you will raise in the end, don't worry about what DOFFs you send on the assignment at this point.Epohh raising goes as such: pup to moppet, moppet to adult, adult to elder. Thus, it takes 3 days to fully raise an Epohh. If you should crit a raising mission, the base breed (such as River) will decide what kind of evolved Epohh it will become.A River will become a PurpleA Mountain will become a BlackA Forest will become a YellowA Ruins will become a WhiteCollecting Your RewardAt this point, you have a final choice to make: keep the Epohh as a pet or turn it in for Romulan Marks. An elder Epohh (whether it's evolved or not) will reward you with 400 Romulan Marks upon turning it into Toreth. But don’t worry; she will find a great home for it. You can also turn in research, mopets, and adults for a smaller amount of Romulan Marks, but I recommend you fully evolve yours to an elder if you’re going to be turning it in for a reward.  If you decide to keep the Epohh as a pet, you can turn it in at a later time or have it follow you on your journey for years to come.On a final note, I'd just like to say I really enjoyed making the original guide. I might've written it, but I have to also give proper credit to others who've helped me with things I couldn't have done on my own: Idrona, who provided the map above, Darkstarkirian, who gave the info about the total number of pets you could get from this; Starkaos, who figured out all the exact evolutions of the Epohhs; everyone who helped me figure out the evolution thing, and anybody else I might've forgotten.Thank you all for reading; I greatly enjoyed making this guest blog and hope to see you tagging in-game sometime!-Mimey