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STLV Celebrates Captains, Composers and Sir Patrick

STLV Celebrates Captains, Composers and Sir Patrick

Star Trek fans will remember Day Four of Star Trek Las Vegas as one of those great, incredibly rare “Where were you when…?” moments. That’s because Saturday, August 4, 2018, will go down in history as the day Patrick Stewart announced to frenzied fans that he would be reprising his role as Jean-Luc Picard in a new Star Trek series for CBS All Access. That was the ultimate highlight from another jam-packed day of Trek fun that featured stage appearances by William Shatner, Kate Mulgrew, George Takei, a trio of Trek composers, and more than a half-dozen members of the Discovery cast. checked it all out and is pleased to share highlights…

Sir Patrick Stewart Returning to Iconic Role as Picard

The STLV crowd couldn’t believe their eyes and ears. Alex Kurtzman took to the main stage, spoke for a few moments and then joined Sir Patrick Stewart in announcing that the actor would return to his iconic role as Jean-Luc Picard in a new Star Trek series that tells the story of the next chapter in Picard’s life. Watch the announcement on

Captains Take the Stage

Kate Mulgrew, Voyager’s Captain Janeway, was – as always, frank and forceful – during her time on the stage. Topics included motherhood, Janeway, Red on Orange Is the New Black, her own mother, and her upcoming next memoir, “How to Forget.”

The actress recalled that every day when she stepped onto the set to shoot Voyager she used to “walk up to the camera and ask, ‘Are we going to be friends today? Are you going to be good to me?”

Later in the day, the man, the legend, William Shatner -- who never disappoints -- took the stage and quickly introduced Jonathan Scott from the TV show, "Property Brothers," dressed in an... interesting uniform.

During his time on the stage, Shatner talked Star Trek, touring with his one-man show, upcoming projects and more.

Shatner told fans to "Say Yes. to adventure, say yes to love, say yes to things that might be interesting that you’re afraid of."

Behind the Music

It was a Star Trek first, as Trek composers Dennis McCarthy, Michael Giacchino and Jeff Russo participated in a joint panel to discuss composing music for their respective Star Trek shows and movies. Their work spans from The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and the J.J. Abrams films to Discovery.

That evening, each composer took the stage with the Nevada Pops orchestra as special guest conductors.

Dennis McCarthy conducted the Deep Space Nine Suite.

Michael Giacchino led the orchestra performing his Star Trek Suite.

Jeff Russo conducted the world premiere orchestral performance of his Discovery Suite.

Famous Star Trek Costume Contest

Twenty-four finalists took the stage in the annual Star Trek Las Vegas costume contest hosted by Jordan Hoffman. We saw Emperor Georgiou, Borg, Mirror Tilly, Ferengi and even a tardigrade.

Judging the contestants’ efforts were Terry Farrell, Sam Vartholomeos, Gersha Phillips, Glenn Hetrick and Michael Westmore, who chose the winners.

Mahogany Severia, dressed as Mirror Universe Burnham, won best Discovery Costume.

Bill Arucan and Jennifer Rough, dressed as Tosk and Hunter, won best Deep Space Nine Costume.

Jason and Jacob Winnigham, dressed as Discovery's Ripper the Tardigrade and his trainer, won best in Ensign Class.

Anthony Polito, dressed as Tholian, won best in Lieutenant Class.

Chad Buffett, who was great as Discovery's Kol, won best in Captain Class.

And the best in show was… Clint Wilder, who wowed the crowd as Firewolf from Discovery's Mirror Universe.


Lyle Tavernier and Brandon Rodriguez of NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory spoke with fans about the science of Star Trek, Trek’s influence on scientists and vice versa.

Fans were able to participate through NASA/JPL’s STEM activities, which are meant to spark an interest in science among kids and families.

As with Days One, Two and Three, there was tons more to see, hear and experience, and documented it with some of our favorite photos from the day…

The Art of John Eaves

Eaves has worked as a production designer, illustrator and model maker across the franchise, spanning from Star Trek V: The Final Frontier to Discovery.

His career is worthy of a book, and that book, The Art of John Eaves, is coming this fall. John Van Citters led an illuminating panel conversation with Eaves.

Damar Again

Damar is back. Casey Biggs slipped back into character as Damar, with John Paladin applying the Cardassian makeup and the legendary Michael Westmore narrating the proceedings. Check out the process below:

Cosplay Gatherings

Check out Day One, Day Two and Day Three highlights and keep an eye on for our ongoing coverage of STLV 2018.