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Stellar Star Trek Gifts to Add to Your Holiday Cart

What are you boldly buying this holiday season?

Star Trek Gifts

Who doesn't love receiving a gift? Whether it's big or small, homemade or store bought, there is no denying that the perfect gift from a beloved family member or friend is guaranteed to lift one's spirits and create all sorts of warm, fuzzy feelings that radiate from within!

Nothing gets us Trekkers more excited than a unique benefaction that speaks to our love of the final frontier! What sort of unique item would make the perfect gift for the Starfleet Captain in your life?

Here’s a list of eight truly awesome items that just may fit that bill. While they may not be as commonplace as a Blu-ray copy of Star Trek: First Contact, these matchless pieces of merchandise may be just enough to send the heart of your closest Cadet into overdrive!

Star Trek: The Original Series

Space gets cold, so why not defeat the dip in temperature with some Star Trek Uniform Crew Socks? Guaranteed to keep those toes nice and toasty while boldly going where no man has gone before, these officially licensed polycotton socks come in packs of three and feature the Command, Engineering and Science symbols of the Enterprise crew. Yeah, normally socks make a pretty lame gift, but any Trekker worth his salt is certain to wear these ones with a sense of pride even befitting a Klingon!

Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise

Have you ever wanted to take a peek under the hood of the U.S.S. Enterprise? This beautiful 24" X 36" print should be enough to satiate any curiosity! As an extra touch, have this print mounted and framed for the fan in your life, and present it to them ready to hang!

Star Trek: The Original Series

Be it Picard's Earl Grey or Janeway's coffee, it's pretty clear that hot beverages will still be playing a pretty big part in our lives come the 24th Century and beyond. Prepare now with the Star Trek Heat Changing Transporter Mug courtesy of The Unemployed Philosophers Guild! Add your hot liquid of choice to this microwave safe heat changing mug and watch as Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy, and Lt. Uhura leave the transporter room on one side and materialize to explore the surface of a strange alien planet on the other!

Star Trek: The Original Series

What goes better with Star Trek than pizza? Now, you can merge the two together as never before thanks to the U.S.S. Enterprise Pizza Cutter from ThinkGeek! Explore strange new toppings and boldly cut pizza where no man has cut before with this unique piece that is certain to attract all sorts of attention from friends and family! Crafted in the shape of the original U.S.S. Enterprise, and featuring a solid zinc-alloy chromium plated body and a laser etched stainless steel blade, this officially licensed collectible measures 8.5" long and is certain to turn even the galaxy's greatest pizza chef, Will Riker, green with envy!

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Rated as one of the most popular gifts for fans, this 12" long scaled replica of the U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-D hails from FameTek and is certain to make a fine addition to any collection. Sitting atop a detachable frosted base, this highly detailed piece features a wireless 4.1 Bluetooth speaker and a slew of LEDs that really bring the ship to life. Add to that a wireless range of 33ft., a 60 minute engine hum white noise simulator, and a selection of show accurate sound effects and it's easy to see why this truly stellar starship continues to be a favorite amongst fans and collectors alike!

Star Trek: The Original Series

In celebration of the brand's 50th anniversary, this fully authorized reference companion is a two volume set featuring a stunning collection of full color photos, illustrations and over 1,000 pages of information - including 300 additional pages worth of new entries from the previous edition. Offering up exhaustively researched and detailed entries on the characters, ships, and events that have shaped the Star Trek Universe since 1966, this revised collection comes packaged in a stunning deluxe slipcase and is a must-have for every Star Trek fan’s library.

Star Trek Monopoly

Star Trek: The Original Series

They’re hard to find, so keep your eyes peeled, but there have been several different editions of Star Trek Monopoly released over the years, each one allowing fans to buy, sell and trade some of the most memorable locations from across the galaxy! Each version also features a selection of collectible tokens that give this long running and beloved board game a fun twist that Trekkers old and new alike are certain to enjoy! It's all the fun deal making and risk taking you remember… deep within the world of Star Trek!

Star Trek: The Original Series

Boldly go where no one has gone before with the Star Trek U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701-A RC Drone from Air Hogs! This unique remote control vehicle calls to mind the classic CSF Remco Enterprise from back in the day, and includes a celebratory 50th anniversary display stand! Perfect for fans and collectors, this limited edition piece features an impressive array of details and even has real lights and a total of ten authentic Star Trek sounds! This one is certain to be a favorite for the Trekker in your life!

John DeQuadros (he/him) is a writer and toy photographer based out of Ontario, Canada. You can find a portfolio of his work on Instagram & Twitter right now @RipRocketPix