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Star Trek: The Cruise II - Day 5

Star Trek: The Cruise II - Day 5

The Norwegian Jade pulled into Costa Maya, Mexico, setting the stage for Day 5 of Star Trek: The Cruise II. Most fans spent the day off the ship, visiting Mayan ruins, having fun at the nearby water park, and/or indulging in other excursions and activities. Later on and into the evening, all the action was back on board. And has the scoop:

Max Is Back!

Max Grodenchik, introduced reverently by Armin Shimerman as his "comic relief and my pain in the ass" during DS9, came to the stage apologizing for a music mixup that left him without access to many of his music files. He nonetheless gamely entertained the assembled crowd with songs he described as "leftovers" from his Star Trek Rat Pack act. Singing lyrics inspired by his time on DS9, accompanied by familiar, contemporary song melodies, the ditties included "Ferengi, Ferenga", "Alehouse Quark", "Auto-graphitis", with storylines culled from Trek lore and his fellow actors.

Having introduced Grodenchik, Shimerman stayed in the audience and was frequently goaded into joining his friend on stage. He finally relented, duet-ing with Grodenchik on "The Paramount Song.”

Liar’s Club

Anyone who thought Ethan Phillips’ raunchy standup act wasn’t blue enough probably felt right at home at this event, which featured Phil Plaitt, Robb Pearlman and Jeffrey Combs. The trio arrived with drinks in hand, and proceeded to lie their way through providing the definitions of such words as blenophobia, crapulence, erectarrine, hemi-pygic.

Blackjack Tournament

Connor Trinneer led the night’s poker tournament, interacting with the fans playing at his table and the crowd standing all around him. Even from a distance, you could hear the cheers and boos of people reacting to the cards the dealer dealt.

In Search of Lost Time

One of the highlights of the cruise is watching familiar Trek actors display another facet of their talent. Case in point: Brent Spiner, who wowed a full house with his Cabaret act that incorporated song and stories.

Among the choice anecdotes: several years after TNG ended, he was in New Orleans to shoot a movie. He needed a suit and with the wardrobe department, the options were narrowed down to three. One was too big, another too small and third third fit like a glove. Since wardrobe tends to make the rounds in the film and TV, business, Spiner looked at the jacket’s label to see who’d worn it before him. It read: Brent Spiner... The Next Generation.

Holo-Disco Party

Fans boogied at this 70s-themed party, with Band 47, looking chic oversized shades, Afros and period outfits, cranking out the disco classics. Check out some of the great outfits sported by fans....

Trek Dining & Bars

Much to the delight — general and gastronomical — of fans, the Jade’s restaurants have been rechristened with Trek-style names and, in many cases, Trek-themed food items, with Neelix himself suggesting daily specials. Among Neelix's Dish of the Day in the Grand Pacific dining room are: Chicken a la Sisko, Pasta Boudin, Kohlanese Stew, Unhura's Lemon Chicken, Alfarian Hair Pasta and Dr. McCoy's Pork & Tennessee Smoked Baked Beans.

At Sandrine’s II, diners may enjoy a full menu of Trek-style French cuisine including Plomeek Spicy Soup, Sisko's Creole Shrimp, Seven of Nine's Fettran Risotto, Chicken Warp Core-don Bleu, a Bolian Souffle and Sisko's Betazoid Uttaberry Crepe.

The Klingon Karnivoria is inspired by the Brazilian churrascarias of Earth and the feasting halls of Qo’noS. And the food included heart of targ, Gaga, and Kraft leg accompanied by a falcon of bloodwine.

The social center of the Jade, 13 Forward (appropriately on the 13th floor on the forward part of the ship), serves as the social center of the ship. In addition to a fully stocked bar, it’s home to a stage encircled by rows of comfortable seats, perfect for fans checking out Q&A’s, one-man shows, late night music and celebrity bingo.

The Shore Leave Bar in the ship’s atrium has been a fan favorite, situated in the heart of the Jade, serving great drinks, screening cool Trek content and offering Geeki Tiki mugs.

The Pit Stop bar overlooking the pool is inspired by Route 66. Don't miss the "Easter Eggs" featuring some of the best license plates from across the galaxy.

Drink of the Day

Fans with a sweet tooth were quick to beam up Tuesday’s drink, Orion’s Belt. It’s a combo of Midori, Malibu Rum, pineapple juice and cream.

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