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Star Trek: The Cruise -- Day Three Recap

Star Trek: The Cruise -- Day Three Recap

Stardate 2017.01.11… The Norwegian Pearl/U.S.S. Enterprise landed in spacedock in Cozumel, Mexico on Wednesday morning, kicking off Day Three of Star Trek: The Cruise. Fans spent the morning and afternoon on excursions ranging from chocolate tours to a visit to Mayan ruins in Tulum, and much, much more. Some fans used the time to relax by the pool and also to check out many of the ongoing Trek activities aboard the ship. The late afternoon found fans beaming back to the ship, as the day’s on-board activities came alive, starting with a poolside Afternoon at the Movies screening of Star Trek: Insurrection. was there for everything and here’s our recap of Day Three:

The Star Trek Museum attracted many fans throughout the day. Located on the Atrium on Deck 7, next to the Captain’s Club, it’s filled with props and costumes for the Trek shows and movies. Some of the cool items included costumes, a Ferengi tooth sharpener, the Picard Family album, the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition and a Trill symbiont.

The talented John Paladin, a favorite at conventions, is on board handling makeup for the many events, doing makeup for fans and conducting demonstrations, including one in which he transformed a Human into a Trill. He’ll be showing off his makeup magic all week long.

Trek-themed gaming and books are available to be played and perused throughout the Promenade on level seven. It’s a popular spot, as fans take breaks, relax and meet fellow fans and gamers all through the day.

Over in the Stardust Theater, fans gathered for Crews Feud – TNG vs. DS9. Hosted by Dane Butcher, it pitted the TNG team of Denise Crosby, John de Lancie and Joe Piscopo, joined by two fans, against the DS9 team of Terry Farrell, Max Grodenchik and Chase Masterson, joined by two fans. Crosby captained Team TNG and Farrell captained Team DS9, and Butcher used questions culled from a pre-cruise online survey of fans.

Among the memorable clashes, What’s a four-letter word that every woman wants? Team DS9 got 2 of 5, and Team TNG guessed CASH to steal. No one guessed… KIRK. Name a Starfleet species from Star Trek? Team DS9 started with KLINGON. Farrell guessed TRILL, but it wasn't even on the board! VULCAN was #1, and DS9 won with ANDORIAN.

Question during the double points round: Name something you beat? Team TNG took control with GAME (as in the tridimensional chess), but only got 2 of 7. Team DS9 stole with… EGGS.

Did we mention that during the opening of the Feud, the Gorn ran on stage? And that he started dancing the Macarena? Now, we have!

And the winner was… Team DS9.

Jordan Hoffman, host of Engage: The Official Star Trek Podcast, recorded an Engage session live, right on the Pearl. He was joined by Terry Farrell and Denise Crosby, who were still in playful battle mode post-Crews Feud.

Farrell talked about performing Love Letter with Marina Sirtis earlier on the cruise and spoke of the show’s ongoing relevance. She actually stepped in for Jonathan Frakes after he canceled his appearance do to a directing engagement. Farrell revealed that she and Marina got together for four rehearsals in Los Angeles in advance of the cruise, and also that she’d actually done the play in the past with her now ex-husband.

Crosby said that she’s loved catching up with her friends on the cruise and also spending time with her college-bound son, who is on board this week.

Joe Piscopo then made a surprise appearance, serenading Farrell and Crosby with his famous Frank Sinatra impersonation. Crosby joked that it was like seeing Bing Crosby and Sinatra back together again, which led to talk about Bob Hope and Crosby movies and Crosby’s mention of her late father-in-law, Blake Edwards, who directed the Pink Panther movies and helped her get her SAG card by giving her a role in his movie, 10. Actually, she explained, he had to edit a TV version of it and Crosby was in that.

Piscopo admitted that he’d never actually played bingo before this week, "and I'm a Catholic,” though he’d been to bingo nights with his family. He cracked up the audience one more time by breaking into song as Sinatra and Springsteen.

Roll with us on this one, but, yes, there’s a bowling alley on the Enterprise/Pearl, located in Leeta’s Bliss Ultra Lounge. And, there’s an ongoing Proxima Centauri Bowling Competition, occurring throughout the week of cruising. We’re tracking the scores and will keep you updated.

Trek After Twilight kicked off with Max Is Back, featuring Max Grodenchik on stage in 13 Forward. Grodenchik told stories and performed some of his favorite Ferengi songs, many of which came from a popular show that he’d performed often over the years, The Ferengi Family Hour.

The Sky High Bar on Deck 13 was the place to be for Samuel Clemens’ Havanas and Aperitifs, or cigars and drinks with Terry Farrell and Marina Sirtis, who teamed up to replace an under-the-weather James Darren.

John de Lancie hosted Q’s Masquerade Ball, featuring the Yacht Rock Revue. Due to weather, the party moved indoors, into 13 Forward. While the Yacht Rock Revue band set up, Q worked the room talking to fans, answering questions and celebrating some of his incredible costumes. The band took over and the dance floor filled as the clock moved past midnight.

And, wow, fans went all out with their costumes for the ball. We saw Q’s, of course, Jaylah, Andorians, the Gorn, an Orion Girl, Klingons, Sarek and Amanda, Arachnia, the Grinch (?!) and many more.

If you’ve ever seen Ethan Phillips at a convention, you know he’s one of the funniest guys in the galaxy. Now, pop him on a stage, give the man his own show – Late Night Comedy with Ethan Phillips – let him loose at 11:15 at night, have Robert Picardo open for/introduce him and you’re in for some blue jokes and loud laughs. And that is precisely what everyone experienced: joke after joke, and nonstop laughter. As the end of Phillips' show neared, he pulled Picardo back up on stage -- and they told some jokes together. Just what the Doctor ordered.

The Drink of the Day, by the way, was the Raktajino. It’s a sinful blend of chocolate liqueur, butterscotch Schnapps and a splash of half and half, finished with chocolate syrup.

Also among the drink options at the ship’s bars: The Star Trek 50th Anniversary Beer and the wine featuring Juan Ortiz's TOS artwork.

Visit again tomorrow to read our recap of Star Trek: The Cruise, Day Four. And, in case you missed them, check out our Day One recap and Day Two recap.