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Star Trek: The Cruise -- Day Six Recap

Star Trek: The Cruise -- Day Six Recap

Stardate 2017.01.14… It was a beautiful, sunny day in Nassau, as Star Trek: The Cruise neared the end of its journey. Fans went to the beach, diving, snorkeling and visited some of the historic locations on the island. Back on board, after returning to the Enterprise/The Pearl, everyone enjoyed another full slate of activities. was there and checks in with this recap and photos:

Max Is Back, in 13 Forward, featured Max Grodenchik singing songs and telling stories. He performed some original songs and adapted popular modern songs, with the lyrics changed to reflect his memories, trials and fun moments while working on DS9.. His song for Leeta: "Dabo Girl." His song for Armin Shimerman: "Rubber Butthead." Another amusing tune: "Autograph-itis."

Hosted by Dane Butcher, Game Show Hour: Liar's Club gave the standing-room-only crowd the sight of Robert Picardo, Vaughn Armstrong, Joe Piscopo and Robert O'Reilly being given an obscure word for which they needed to provide the definition. Non stop laughter ensued, thanks to the guys' hilarious stories and crazy answers, many of which were true. The funniest moments were when Picardo kept forgetting he was supposed to tell the truth and had to offer multiple answers -- because he'd lied to begin with.

Steven Rankin joined Jordan Hoffman to host the fourth and final night of trivia. As he'd guested on TNG, DS9 and Enterprise as a Romulan, Klingon, Cardassian and Terran, it seemed fitting that the theme was "a little bit of everything." Participants finished Jem'Hadar battle phrases and knew what Clint Howard actually drank when he sipped Tranya. Everyone was stumped when asked who voiced the young, regenerated Spock's screams in Star Trek III (answer: Transformers' Frank Welker.) Rankin also revealed who bought him his very first drink when he turned 21: an actor visiting his college campus named Leonard Nimoy.

And the final show of the cruise was Showtime: An Evening with William Shatner. Joe Piscopo introduced Shatner, who told the crowd in the Stardust Theater that this was his first cruise, and that he'd really enjoyed spending time with his family, an away team of 14 strong, including him. His cabin overlooked the pool, he explained, and he'd look out the window at fans in the hot tub waving hi to him. He would also hear the midnight movies at the pool... and was shocked to hear his voice bellowing until the early hours of the morning.

Professor Laurence Krauss then joined Shatner to talk about physics and electromagnetism. Krauss ended up giving Shatner a physics lesson.

Shatner, having invited questions for fans, was asked for his best advice for becoming a starship captain. His reply was pure Shatner: "Get an agent!"

Late into the night, the Yacht Rock Revue performed in 13 Forward, while DJ Needles spun tunes in the Atrium.

And the Cocktail of the Day was Romulan Ale, a mix of Bacardi rum, Everclear alcohol, blue curacao and ginger ale.

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