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Star Trek: The Cruise -- Day Five Recap

Star Trek: The Cruise -- Day Five Recap

Stardate 2017.01.13… Due to an ion storm, the Norwegian Pearl/U.S.S. Enterprise could not reach Risa, which is to say weather conditions prevented Star Trek: The Cruise from landing at Great Stirrup Cay. So, a full day of on-ship activities was added, complementing the already-planned events and giving fans additional time in the company of many of their favorite stars. is here with photos and a recap of Day Five…

Hundreds of participants met in Leeta’s Bliss Ultra Lounge for the first Cryptic Clue Scavenger Hunt, a ship-wide hunt for clues to complete a puzzle. Teams solved riddles posted around the ship and were steered toward more clues. Ultimately, each successive clue came together to form the puzzle’s solution, which spelled out the word Enterprise. Teams then returned with the solution to Leeta’s Lounge, with the fastest team winning a Star Trek prize package. And the overall scavenger hunt winner was… Joann Prisco.

Fans flocked poolside for Q's Masquerade Carnival Games. For example, the Star Trek Dart Game challenged players to use three darts to match two photos of Star Trek characters. It’s way harder than you think!

Then there was Crazy Ball.

The packed Captain’s Club was the site of a Klingon Opera with Robert O'Reilly. TNG’s Gowron recruited six fans to help him; two performed solo pieces, while the other four joined him on stage to sing famous Klingon songs. It actually became a Klingon sing-along. Fans in the audience even broke out into impromptu songs.

Dane Butcher hosted the Not So Newlywed Game in 13 Forward, and it was standing room only and laugh after laugh. Among the contestants were Jan and Bob, married 52 years and from Ashville NC; Chris and Vaughn Armstrong, wed for 38 years; Brigit and Casey Biggs, together 12 years; and Eva and Rob from Vancouver, Canada, who are truly newlyweds, married for just three months.

Questions included Most embarrassing moment as a couple? That thing your woman does to turn you on? If your wife sent you shopping to buy a brassiere, what size would you buy? What do you think your wife would say is your most annoying habit in bed?

Our favorite question, no doubt, was Which Star Trek episode title best describes your love life? The replies included “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” “The Naked Now,” “Two Days and Two Nights,” “If Wishes Were Horses” and “Learning Curve.”

Coming in fourth place were Jan and Bob, while Chris and Vaughn landed in third, and Bob and Eva snagged second place. And the winners… Casey and Brigit.

Many fans made time to check out the Star Trek. 50 Artists. 50 Years. exhibition. It’s made the trek around the world and is currently housed aboard the Pearl, in the Splash Academy Youth Center on Deck 12.

The Enterprise Blues Band delivered another out-of-this-world performance.

Vaughn Armstrong hosted Beers Around the Galaxy, welcoming fans into the Klingon Karnivoria for a beer tasting. Armstrong, an “IPA beer guy” who once shot a commercial for Miller Reserve, led the assembled fans in tasting three beers and then a surprise fourth one, namely the Star Trek 50th Anniversary Golden Ale. Steve Rankin jumped in to join Armstrong in leading the conversation.

The Get Up and Sing Thing featured Robert Picardo and Jordan Bennett, with Felicia on keys. Bennett warmed up the crowd by singing snippets of “every song ever written,” then welcomed a daring fan who sang the Titanic theme song. That prompted Picardo to invite onto the stage anyone one else who could sing any other disaster songs.

Picardo, who really can sing, performed several numbers, including “The March of Unrequited Love.” Bennett closed out the evening with take on “Hallelujah,” by his late, great fellow Canadian, Leonard Cohen.

Reminiscing withFerengi Love Songs was exactly that, lots of reminiscing and Ferengi love songs – funny Star Trek parody tunes -- sung by Max Grodenchik and Chase Masterson.

Football Fantasy: Sirtis’ Spurs Standpoint presented Marina Sirtis sharing stories about her love of football… a/k/a soccer. She dated more than one Tottenham player, but wouldn’t name names! How’d she get into football? She attended an all-girls school and the nearest boys were… Tottenham. So, instead of going to the library, she’d sneak off to Tottenham.

Fans already knew that she takes her football very, very seriously. But during this session they learned she’s really quite obsessed. She’s a bad loser, she admitted. She once ripped an arsenal fan’s hat off and stomped on it. Her brother, she revealed, won’t take her to games anymore. And, dream come true time… almost: her brother played for a Greek team, but got recruited by an American college and went to school instead of going into pro football. He “didn’t listen” to his older sister. But all’s well that ends well. She has a Twitter relationship with Tottenham. They invited her onto the pitch for the first time ever, and she was “sobbing” over the experience.

Showtime: A Night at Vic Fontaine’s was a treat for James Darren fans. The Vegas-style show features songs from Darren’s illustrious career, including several familiar to DS9 aficionados. And between songs he told stories. The best: He wanted a scotch and received three from fans, trading a kiss for one of them. Smart man, smart fan.

Risa's Festival of the Moon Party took place under a full moonlit sky, with Terry Farrelll and Dane Butcher hosting. Butcher wore Picard's Risa uniform, which Anovos created for him for the occasion. On display was some Targ-B-Que a supersize Risa symbol.

Yacht Rock Revue rocked out, while fans rocked their costumes.

And the Cocktail of the Day was the Risa Moon Shine, with Midori liqueur, Malibu rum, pineapple juice and a splash of coconut cream.

Visit again tomorrow to read our recap of Star Trek: The Cruise, Day Six. And, in case you missed them, check out our recaps of Day One, Day Two, Day Three and Day Four.