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Star Trek: Tactics Returns

Star Trek: Tactics Returns

Wizkids is pleased to announce the return of Star Trek: Tactics, a ship-to-ship combat game that utilizes the same rules as WizKids’ popular HeroClix system. Players construct fleets consisting of various ships, face off against their adversaries, and battle to have the last ship standing.

If you’re new to the game, or just can’t get enough starships in your fleet, a brand-new starter will be available for purchase. The starter set will feature two TOS era Federation ships and two TOS era Romulan ships to add to your space dock. The set also includes character cards, two dice, a powers & abilities card (PAC), updated rulebook, object and terrain tokens, and two double-sided maps. Everything to jump right into a full game of Star Trek: Tactics Series IV.

Additionally, new and veteran players alike can head down to their Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS) and pick up a countertop display filled with a variety of ship sculpts. Not only will you find ships that are new to Star Trek: Tactics, but every ship comes with a brand new dial and card. Each countertop display comes with 12 blind boosters, each containing one of 28 random ships of varying rarity and its corresponding ship card.

Finally, once you’ve collected a variety of starships and constructed your fleet, you can return to your FLGS and play in a Star Trek: Tactics Series IV Release Day Organized Play Event to win the first-ever Shifting Focus ship cards.

Relive iconic battles or create new ones of your own with Star Trek: Tactics Series IV. Head over to your FLGS this month to build and command your very own fleet to victory. Go to WizKids/HeroClix for additional information.