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Star Trek Stands Against Hate

Star Trek has always taught us to act boldly. We must follow that example.

Star Trek

Star Trek has always taught us to act boldly. Witnessing the ongoing cascade of tragic events occurring in our society compelled me to rally our community around a collection of organizations that have worked tirelessly to remedy various forms of injustice. I reached out to Armin Shimerman (Quark, Deep Space Nine),and Kitty Swink, who were incredibly supportive and helped set the foundation for this initiative.

In fact, so many people who endorsed our Trek For Equality statement took an active role in shaping it, doing everything from suggesting nonprofits we should include to connecting us with others who wished to support this. Rather than concentrate on a single issue, the goal was to address numerous causes and amplify this profound message through our common belief in Star Trek’s values.

Actor Armin Shimerman added,  "This statement is what all people of conscience and goodwill should stand up for. It's not enough to personally live long and prosper, we must also seek that blessing for our friends, neighbors, and community. Rule of Acquisition #251: "Humanity is all our business."

Our mission was perhaps as unofficial as that new Rule of Acquisition, but every supporter demonstrated enthusiasm, particularly as we circled back to get their input on revisions to the statement. Each endorser is respected for their contributions to Star Trek, but this was never intended to be a hollow presentation of celebrity fame. Hopefully, those reading this will focus on the organizations we’ve recommended and assist them in making a difference.

Star Trek

Star Trek


As our society grapples with a global pandemic, we can not ignore the social issues which endanger so much of our population, particularly those in marginalized communities. If we have learned anything from the inclusive and optimistic future envisioned by Star Trek, it is that we must take bold steps and support those who offer genuine solutions to the problems that oppose the forward-thinking values that we cherish.

As actors and artists, we have identified several enterprising organizations that have taken it upon themselves to stand defiantly, voyage into the future, and discover humanity’s true potential to overcome intolerance and embrace equality. We encourage you to learn more about the following areas of need, and if you are up to the challenge, to get involved with these organizations:


Equal Justice Initiative (


The National LGBTQ Task Force (


Stop AAPI Hate (


National Organization for Women (


Everytown for Gun Safety (


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