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Everything to Read on Star Trek Day 2020

Celebrate Star Trek Day with these great reads!

Star Trek Day Publishing

September is Star Trek month!

Okay, maybe not the whole month. Still, fresh episodes of the new Star Trek: Lower Decks series are dropping every Thursday throughout the month, and today, September 8th, is “Star Trek Day” as we celebrate the 54th anniversary of the original series premiere in 1966. Add in new episodes of Discovery coming in October, and development moving forward on Picard, Prodigy, Strange New Worlds, and Section 31, and ongoing activity within the realms of merchandise including games, comics, and other publishing efforts, there’s an argument to be made Star Trek deserves its own month.

Speaking of those comics and other publishing projects, there’s a lot to be excited about in September. Check out these latest offerings from various corners of the final frontier.

Star Trek: Year Five #14

This month, IDW Publishing brings you adventures spanning multiple eras and even universes, beginning with Star Trek: Year Five #14. As the Starship Enterprise’s historic five-year mission of exploration draws ever closer to its conclusion, Captain Kirk prepares for a gauntlet of combat against Klingon persecutors. At the same time, Dr. McCoy attempts to expose a disturbing secret stretching to the highest levels of Starfleet Medical, even if it costs him his career! From writers Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly, with art from Angel Hernandez, find out how the story continues this month when the issue will go on sale for $3.99.

Star Trek: Hell's Mirror

Over in another universe, Captain Kirk is the sole survivor of the I.S.S. Enterprise and he soon finds himself facing off against an adversary unlike any he’s previously encountered: a genetically engineered human from 20th Century Earth named Khan Noonien Singh. Worse, his former first officer, Mr. Spock, seems to be Khan’s trusted confident. Will Spock convince Kirk to join them, or will the notorious captain find a way to outwit Khan and his designs to bring order to the universe? Star Trek: Hell’s Mirror brings legendary comics writer J.M. DeMatteis back to Star Trek for the first time in nearly 40 years with this all-new tale. Already released in digital format on August 26th, you can find the print edition in comic shops on September 2nd! With art by Matthew Dow Smith, pick up your copy for $3.99.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Too Long a Sacrifice #3

Writers Scott and David Tipton continue their noir murder mystery at the edge of Federation space with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Too Long A Sacrifice #3. Odo struggles to forge a fragile working relationship with a renowned Federation criminal investigator even as new suspects emerge. The body count is rising, and just when the unlikely team thinks they're getting close to the culprit, a shocking discovery changes everything! With art by Greg Scott, the issue will go on sale later this month for $3.99.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture - Inside the Art and Visual Effects

A tome more than 40 years in the making, Titan Books delivers the absolutely stunning Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Inside the Art and Visual Effects. This gorgeous coffee table book showcases the visual artistry of the very first Star Trek feature film which brought Kirk, Spock, and the crew of the Starship Enterprise back to fans and relaunched the juggernaut that has since become “the Star Trek franchise.” The book features page after page of archival material from this iconic film as created by such legendary artists and effects experts as Ken Adams, Robert Abel, Syd Mead, Ralph McQuarrie, and Andrew Probert. Written by Jeff Bond & Gene Kozicki, the book is on sale for $50.00.

Star Trek: The Original Series

Looking for something to challenge a hardcore fan of the original Star Trek series? Star Trek Nerd Search – Quibbles With Tribbles is for those who claim they know the original Star Trek series like no fan has known it before! Captain Kirk and his crew must seek and find a series of exploding tribbles hidden by Klingons in various locations visited by the Starship Enterprise. At the same time, the reader is tasked with spotting items from every episode of The Original Series. Every full-color page of the book is rich with detail, featuring out-of-context items and cosmic continuity errors that only a true fan can spot. Test your Star Trek knowledge and maybe even save the galaxy! Written and illustrated by Glenn Dakin and available now from Hero Collector, you can pick up a copy for $14.95.

Star Trek Magazine

Finally, Titan Magazines brings us their latest issue of Star Trek Magazine! Delayed from its original July release date, it finally lands in stores in early September. Here’s where you’ll find all the latest news from the sets and writers rooms on each of the Star Trek series currently in development and production. Also included are new interviews, product reviews, and retrospective articles from across the Star Trek universe. Get a sneak peek at what Discovery’s third season might bring, and the first news of Picard’s second season and latest series, Star Trek: Lower Decks! The magazine is on sale now for $9.99.

A Timeline Through the Star Trek Universe

Dayton Ward (he/him) is a New York Times bestselling author or co-author of numerous novels and short stories, including a whole bunch of stuff set in the Star Trek universe, and often working with friend and co-writer Kevin Dilmore. As he’s still a big ol' geek at heart, Dayton is known to wax nostalgic about all manner of Star Trek topics over on his own blog, The Fog of Ward.