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What to Wear When You are Boldly Going... to Bed

Happy #WearYourPJsToWorkDay, y'all.


Okay, so we know that National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day isn't a real holiday, but when you work in an office with as many cool PJs at our fingertips as we do, why wouldn't you want to celebrate? Between robes, sleep-shirts, and even a little something for your very own Porthos, we've got all the Star Trek sleepwear you could ask for right here.


Uhura Long Sleeve Pajama Set

Intl PJ

19.97, ThinkGeek

Star Trek TOS Ladies' Sleep Shirt

Intl PJ

$9.97, ThinkGeek

Gold Security Bathrobe

Intl PJ

$34.99, Amazon

TOS Science Officer's Pajama Set

Intl PJ

$39.99, Amazon

TOS Commanding Officer Pajama Set

Intl PJs

$39.99, Amazon

U.S.S. Discovery Pajama Set

Intl PJ

$18.99, Amazon