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Star Trek Mega Bloks: Behind the Scenes

Star Trek Mega Bloks: Behind the Scenes

Here at Mega Bloks, we are proud to release our first Star Trek line in Fall 2016, inspired by The Original Series. We join millions of fans all over the world in celebrating the series’ 50th anniversary. Designers have been working on the sets for more than a year now, coming up with everything from the builds to the figurines to the final packaging. Although many people have put a lot of hard work into the line, we would like to introduce you to two of the main designers: Kevin and... Kevin.We believe the best designers are those who love the brands, which is why the Kevins were up to the job.Kevin T is our newer “Kevin,” who was put on the project at a later stage of development. He was a big fan of the newest movies, but fell in love with The Original Series once he started doing research to help his design. His favorite character is the lovable Chekov, who sits proudly on his desk. As a young child, Kevin said he would always think of the designers who made the toys he used to play with -- and now he is proud to be the one making them for the next generation of fans.

Kevin looking at one of the new Star Trek figs

Kevin Z, on the other hand, is a longtime fan of the series and was very excited to be part of creating this toy line. He started watching the show during The Next Generation, but says his favorite is Deep Space Nine

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