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These Cadets Are So Ready for Halloween

Still need some pint-sized inspiration for the year's spookiest day?'s got you covered.

Star Trek Kids Halloween Costumes

Whether it’s for Halloween, the next Star Trek convention, or crawling around the house, Star Trek costumes are the best way to win adults over with cuteness. The level of work an adult puts into a costume doesn’t necessarily matter with kid’s costumes, either. Children look cute whether they’re in a store-bought Star Trek bodysuit or an intricately designed Romulan uniform! (Though definite bonus points for the adults if you’ve taken the time to make the costume yourself.) As a mom with a toddler, I’m impressed that the youngest in this list allowed themselves to be dressed up. I haven’t managed to keep a hat on my little Trekkie for more than thirty seconds, much less a whole costume.

Star Trek Kids Say the Darnedest Things at STLV

I guess I’ll stick with Star Trek t-shirts for now! I hope these pictures brighten your day as they have mine. And thanks to all the Star Trek parents for sharing their fandom with the next generation.

I cannot get enough of little Spock’s smile!

This one’s not ready for Romulan ale.

Barclay says, “This reading can’t be right.”

Baby’s first cosplay! (With mommies B’Elanna Torres and Catherine Janeway.)

You’re rocking those boots, baby Uhura.

This is the captain we need.

One fully assimilated family. (Here's how they did it!)

One for transport.

Data, Geordie, and Troi share a hug after a particularly intense poker match.

“Because the admiral needs milk!”

Security officer baby girl Worf, reporting for duty.

Who knew that Tribbles liked zombies so much!

These look so comfy.

Ready for command training.

I advise we proceed with caution, Captain.

Trying to choose the cutest one would be a regular Kobayashi Maru

"This is the captain. One to beam up. Forget the other guy. Over."

My heart is with this Grandma and Grandaughter Guinan pair.

Oh my gaaawd!

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