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Star Trek Into Darkness App Launches

Star Trek Into Darkness App Launches

Star Trek Into Darkness

Created with both hardcore fans and casual users alike in mind, the Star Trek app features 30-40 missions, with up to 10 available at any given moment and also the option to pass on missions. Fans should be on the lookout for fresh missions to be added each week.

In an article at Hero Complex, it was noted that missions will include scavenger hunts, from visiting an AMC theater to scanning the newest Star Trek Into Darkness poster. Several missions will rely on an audio scan function to recognize and reward (with points) users who are perusing Trek content. Further, the app gathers news stories about Star Trek Into Darkness, interviews, extended clips and trailers, as well as photographs.

“This app is like the Starfleet Academy,” Mitch Lusas, director of product development at Paramount, told Hero Complex. “You start off as a cadet, and you complete these missions. As you complete each mission, it will disappear and a new mission will come up. You’ll advance in your rank, you’ll unlock content and there will be some other exclusive things that will come up as well. The higher you get in your rank, the more content you will actually unlock, things like potentially extended versions of some videos we might be releasing. We’ll also have some information that’s exclusive coming to this app.”