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Star Trek Holiday Gift Guide - Part 2

Star Trek Holiday Gift Guide - Part 2

Still looking for that perfect gift for the Star Trek fan in your life? Well, sensors indicate that you just might find it down below, in Part 2 of our Star Trek Gift Guide. Among the options: an amazingly realistic TOS-era replica Tricorder, the popular Star Trek: The Art of the Film book, and the cutest darn Captain Kirk teddy bear in the galaxy.

Kirk Vermont Teddy Bear – Standing 15 inches tall and sporting a signature gold shirt, along with black boots and pants, the Captain Kirk Vermont Teddy Bear is almost too adorable for words. But take our advice, and keep him away from the lady bears in your collection! Click here to purchase.

Star Trek: The Art of the Film -- Anyone who loved Star Trek (2009) will be well served by this gorgeous companion tome from Titan Books. Penned by author Mark Cotta Vaz and featuring a foreword by Abrams, The Art of Film’s 160 pages are crammed with previously unseen pre-production paintings, concept sketches, set and costume designs, unit photography and final frames, all of which combine to provide readers with a bird’s-eye view of Star Trek’s fresh, inventive and state-of-the-art look. Click here to purchase.

Star Trek Coasters – What better to protect your kitchen counter or coffee table than a Star Trek coaster? This great set from Moulded Acrylics includes six laser-etched coasters and a holder. The coasters depict three Federation ships (TOS Enterprise, Voyager and Enterprise D) and three Klingon ships. Each coaster measures 4”x4,” is screen printed on the back (through which the schematic is laser etched) and includes plastic bump-ons at the corners to prevent slippage. Click here to purchase.

Star Trek (2009) Concept Poster Prints – As the release of Star Trek (2009) neared, the powers that be at Bad Robot and Paramount Pictures contemplated all sorts of one-sheet poster options. Among those considered but ultimately not chosen were gorgeous, striking posters with retro, WPA-style themes. Now fans can own some of those posters, as Quantum Mechanix Inc. has issued this set of four 18”x24” plated-printed lithographs that come on 100-pound, aqueous-coated, satin-finished paper. Click here to purchase.

Role-Play Replica Tricorder – So realistic you’ll think Leonard Nimoy left it at your house, this is a TOS-era replica Tricorder  that boasts all the bells and whistles, including light and sound effects, not to mention a removable scanner accessory. Sound functions include Tricorder scan, beeps and click-on sounds. And, best of all, there are eight Tricorder phrases spoken by Spock, among them: “Getting another reading, Captain,” “There seems to be some disturbance coming from that cave” and “Captain, Tricorder picking up very faint life readings approximately 700 meters from here.” Click here to purchase.

If you missed Part 1 of our Holiday Gift Guide, be sure to check it out here.