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Star Trek Gift Guide

Star Trek Gift Guide

Still haven't found the right present for the Star Trek fan in your life? Well, it's not too late, as has culled together a gift guide based on Star Trek products released over the past year. We're pretty confident you'll find the right gift for the right person somewhere on this list.The Autobiography of James T. Kirk -- Kirk tells his own story in this engaging tome. OK, he had a little help from David A. Goodman, but it's still Kirk from Kirk's perspective. Go to to purchase.

Star Trek Costumes -- One of the most-acclaimed books of 2015, and not just by Trek fans. This is must-have for longtime fans, as it chronicles the design and creation of Trek's costumes from TOS to the current films. Go to to purchase.

BBQ Set -- This is the one that's editor really wants (hint, hint). It's a stainless steel tool set featuring four Delta skewers, Delta tongs, a Cardassian fork and a USS Enterprise spatula, and everyting fits into an aluminum carrying case. Go to to purchase.

Enterprise Cutting Board Set -- One of the best sellers in the Star Trek Shop, this is the Enterprise-shaped cutting board you've been waiting for. Go to to purchase.

Starfleet Command Card Case -- Carry/display your business cards in style with this new Starfleet Command Card Case. Go to to purchase.

Starfleet Academy Coasters -- Serve drinks with a touch of class... with these stainless steel Starfleet Academy coasters. Go to to purchase.

Star Trek Universal Remote Phaser -- A phaser and a remote in one? We're in. How about you? Go to to purchase.

Star Trek Ships of the Line Calendar 2016 -- This year's Ships of the Line calendar features ship art created by you, the fans. Go to to purchase.

Star Trek Executive Calendar -- Perfect for the planner in your life, this sophisticated-looking new Trek-themed executive calendar helps put everything in order. Go to to purchase.

Uhura Makeup Bag -- Now we know Uhura's secret to always looking great. Share her secret with this bright-red makeup bag. Go to to purchase.

Star Trek Shop $50 E-Gift Card -- Still can't decide on something specific? How about letting the Trek fan in your life choose his or her own gift... with some help from a Star Trek Shop e-gift card. For a $50 e-gift card, go to