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Star Trek: Frontiers Coming Soon

Star Trek: Frontiers Coming Soon

Star Trek: Frontiers, an upcoming release from WizKids, will put a fresh spin on the popular board game, Mage Knight. As with the Mage Knight board game, Star Trek: Frontiers will allow players to explore areas that are different and new every time they play.

"I can't wait for Star Trek fans to start commanding their Federation and Klingon ships as they encounter Romulan Warbirds, send carefully chosen away teams down to unknown planets, and challenge the might of the Borg,” said Frontiers game designer, Andrew Parks.

“The Star Trek universe opens up a huge variety of thematic options for a designer, and I specifically hope fans of Star Trek will enjoy the work that Andrew has done to bring the system to the world of Star Trek,” said Vlaada Chvátil, creator of the original Mage Knight.

Star Trek: Frontiers players will follow multiple scenarios leading them on a journey into the unknown. They will earn Experience Points and further their Reputation as a Captain while commanding their Ship, recruiting new Crew Members and encountering some of the undiscovered mysteries of space.

The Star Trek: Frontiers board game features both competitive and cooperative scenarios and is designed for 1 to 4 players. Solo game scenarios are also included at the end of the Full Rulebook.

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