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The Perfect 'Trek' Presents for Dad on His Big Day

Communicators, cufflinks, alcohol and more are great last-minute gifts for Dad this Father's Day.

Father's Day

If you're still searching for that perfect Father's Day gift for your dad or father figure, it's not too late. has done the browsing for you, selected an array of cool, fun and creative options, and is right here, right now to share them with you. So, here goes...

Trek Alcohol

TF Vodka

If Pops wants something stronger than, say, Tea. Earl Grey. Hot., then Silver Screen Bottling Company is your new best friend; follow the links for details. There's Ten-Forward Vodka for $29.99, which celebrates the bold spirit of exploration embodied by the Enterprise and her crew. Ten-Forward Vodka is made from choice American Grain, carefully distilled six times, and delivered via terrestrial and interstellar transport for the enjoyment of discerning adventurers on planet Earth, aboard the Enterprise-D, and across the galaxy.


Next, laddie, how about some Montgomery Scott Blended Scotch Whisky? Yes, it's a genuine blended Scotch Whisky, distilled in Glasgow from one of the most-awarded distilleries in Scotland. This three-year-old blended whisky is exceptionally smooth with just a very slight smoky note, and will only run you $49.99.


Lastly, our buddies at Silver Screen Bottling Company also have in stock James T. Kirk Straight Bourbon Whiskey for $59.99, a serious Bourbon selected from choice barrels from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana. Aging in range from four years old to 12 years old, each small-batch release of James T. Kirk Bourbon exhibits a depth and richness seen in only the finest Bourbon.

BigMouth Kirk and Spock Drink Koolers


If Dad's out in the yard or at the game and still wants to get his Trek on, then the Captain Kirk and Spock Drink Coolers are the logical presents. This set features two four-inch-tall, vinyl can coolers. The first features Spock holding a tricorder in one hand and flashing the Vulcan LLAP symbol with the other hand, while the Kirk Kooler depicts him clutching a phaser. Available at for $24.14 and free shipping.

Star Trek: The Original Series Bluetooth Communicator


Still one of the most-popular Trek-themed products out there, and created from 3-D scans of the last known hero prop, the TOS communicator Bluetooth handset looks, feels and operates much like an iconic Trek communicator. Fully functional and sleek as can be, it comes with a magnetic stand, metal base and multi-color LED charge status illumination, and features 20 authentic voice clips and TOS sound FX. Available at, the Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator is priced at $169.95, with free shipping.

Star Trek Cufflinks


Your old man dresses for the occasion, but still wants to rock his Trek love. He can make it so with this pair of enamel and silver-plated command logo cuffs that are simple and elegant, yet Trek to the (warp) core. The cufflinks, which come packaged in a limited-edition storage box, can be purchased for $65.

Star Trek Command Logo Silvertone Metal Tie Clip

tie hook

Ideal for matching with the cufflinks above or totally fashionable on its own, there's the Command Logo Silvertone Metal Tie Clip. The metallic tie clip measures 2.8 x 1.5 x 1 inches and is priced at $36.

Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Pizza cutter

A perennial favorite and a great gift for every dad in the galaxy, it's the Enterprise Pizza Cutter from ThinkGeek. Shaped like the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 from The Original Series, this stainless steel pizza cutter features a laser-etched stainless-steel blade with a zinc-alloy chromium-plated body. has it on sale for $22.99.

Captain Picard Facepalm Bust Bronze Edition


Does your father love Picard and have a great sense of humor? Then, by all means, this is THE gift for him. A ThinkGeek creation via their partners at Icon Heroes, the Picard Facepalm Bust is made of resin and captures the captain -- in a bronze-colored patina -- in his legendary facepalm pose. The product, which measures six inches tall by four inches wide and 2 3/4 inches deep, is available at, priced at $69.99.

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