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RECAP: Time for the Son of None

Dive 'Through the Valley of Shadows' on your way to 'Such Sweet Sorrow.'

Recap Through the Valley of Shadows

Before there can be “Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 1” we must venture “Through the Valley of Shadows.” We've got your highlights from episode 12, below.

Take Care of Each Other

Through the Valley of Shadows

It’s a small, quiet and short scene, but pivotal. Burnham speaks to Amanda, and there’s warmth in their voices. Spock arrives at Burnham’s door, and there’s no rancor between them. Amanda looks heartened to see her children together. “Take care of each other,” she implores. “I love you both.”

Boreth Is Home to My Son

Through the Valley of Shadows

Tyler offers to reach out to Chancellor L’Rell when a signal appears over Boreth, but Burnham registers his reluctance. Privately, he reveals that Voq’s child with L’Rell — their Son of None — is there. L’Rell informs Pike that the monastery on Boreth is the Klingon Empire’s most-sacred site. Guarded there for generations are time crystals, and even the Klingons no longer exploit those crystals. Later, the captain makes the acquaintance of Tenavik, who reveals that he’s a Son of None — like his father. “Time flows differently for those who protect the crystals,” Tenavik tells Pike, explaining how he’s aged up from the infant Tyler left behind only months earlier.

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If I Still Had Nerve Endings

Through the Valley of Shadows

Burnham and Spock venture to a rogue Section 31 ship. Everyone is dead, except Gant, with whom Burnham served on the Shenzhou. Gant is Control, and he wants to turn Burnham. They stop Gant/Control in the nick of time.


cover through the valley

Pike touches a crystal and glimpses his future. First, a radiation leak burns his face. Then, he encounters his disfigured, wheelchair-using self, and recoils in horror. Tenavik tells Pike he can still walk away, but if he takes the crystal, “Your fate will be sealed, forever.” Pike, believing in service, sacrifice, compassion and love, demands the crystal. “I honor you, captain,” Tenavik says.

To Be Continued

Through the Valley of Shadows

Discovery and her crew find themselves surrounded by more than two dozen Section 31 ships. They’re outgunned, can’t delete the sphere data fast enough and are unable to use the crystals yet. The only solution? “We destroy the ship,” Burnham says. Pike concurs and orders the auto-destruction sequence initiated. “We are,” he declares, “evacuating Discovery.”

Global Preview: “Such Sweet Sorrow

In "Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 1,” when the U.S.S. Discovery’s crucial mission does not go according to plan, Burnham realizes what must ultimately be done. The crew prepares for the battle of a lifetime as Leland’s Control ships get closer.

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