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Star Trek Beyond Blu-ray Details Revealed

Star Trek Beyond Blu-ray Details Revealed

Star Trek Beyondis still playing around the world, but it's not too early to look ahead to the film's life, well, beyond its theatrical run. For example, in the United States is already accepting pre-orders for Blu-ray, DVD, Multi-Format, 3D and 4K editions of the film. The Multi-Format package is actually an Amazon exclusive gift set that comes with three discs (4K UHD/3D/Digital HD Blu-ray) and a model of the U.S.S. Franklin.

Also, will offer their own version of the gift set, which will feature the U.S.S. Franklin in a package with the Blu-ray of the latest Trek adventure.

And, Walmart has just announced a Star Trek Beyond Giftset that will include Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD discs as well as three mini Star Trek ships, specifically the Enterprise, the U.S.S. Franklin and a Krall swarm ship, each with its own display base.

The various versions of the Star Trek Beyond Blu-ray will be available on December 31, 2016.