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Star Trek Adventures RPG Living Campaign Playtest Launches Today

Star Trek Adventures RPG Living Campaign Playtest Launches Today

Star Trek Adventures, a living campaign playtest to develop the first official Star Trek roleplaying game in more than 10 years, launched today. The living playtest comes from Modiphius Entertainment, the publisher behind the popular RPG games Conan, Infinity, Cthulhu and more. A Who’s Who of respected Star Trek authors and game designers teamed up to create Star Trek Adventures, enabling players from all around the world to traverse the Star Trek universe as never before.

The game’s story was written by New York Times bestselling Star Trek author Dayton Ward (Hidden Universe Travel Guide: Vulcan, Star Trek: Waypoint #2) and Scott Pearson (the Trek novellas The More Things Change, Terra Tonight), and developed by Nathan Dowdell (Black Crusade, Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition) and lead writer David F Chapman (Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space RPG, Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG). Complementing them is an all-star group that includes writers from all previous editions of the Star Trek roleplaying game, as well as familiar names from across the tabletop gaming industry including:

Shawn Merwin (Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition: War of Everlasting Darkness), Jim Johnson (Lord of the Rings RPG, Mage: The Awakening), Jacob Ross (Legend of the Five Rings, Mongoose Traveller), Patrick Goodman (Shadowrun: Fifth Edition, Shadowrun: Storm Front), Ross Isaacs (Line Developer Star Trek RPG and Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG), Ian Lemke (Changeling: The Dreaming, Earth Down), John Snead (Mindjammer: Traveller, Star Trek: Next Generation RPG), Dan Taylor (IDW’s Trek comics), Bill Maxwell (Fading Suns, Star Trek RPG), Tim Beach (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) and Andrew Peregrine (Doctor Who, 7th Sea). Among the other talents on board are: Aaron Pollyea, Oz Mills, Ade Smith, Chris Huff, John Kennedy, Kevin Mickelson, Ryan Schoon and Chris Huff.

The Star Trek Adventures playtest gives Trek fans the chance to contribute to the development of the game. They can settle into the captain’s chair, seek out new life and new civilizations, give her all she’s got to a warp core breach, and/or explore their own adventures in the Trek universe.

According to Modiphius, the living campaign begins today with playtest missions and will carry on to the release of a core rulebook in the summer of 2017. The living campaign takes place in the Shackleton Expanse, an area of space vastly unexplored by both the Federation and the Klingons. Starbase 364, Narendra Station, named after the battle of Narendra III where the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-C was destroyed, serves as the keep on the borderlands for excursions out into the frontier of space. As the crews of the U.S.S. Venture, U.S.S. Bellerophon, U.S.S. Thunderchild, explore strange anomalies and discover new life while uncovering an ancient civilization and mysterious technologies, those aboard the U.S.S. Lexington will shape historical events for those very ships.

Captain and officer assignments are still open. And, further, local game shops organizing an in-store playtest group will receive starbase status with pre-order promotions for the game’s retail release. To register yourself or your group, visit