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ST The Video Game To Introduce Two New Vulcans

ST The Video Game To Introduce Two New Vulcans

Star Trek fans will be in for a green-blooded treat on April 23, with the release of STAR TREK The Video Game. That’s because two brand-new Vulcan characters will be making their debuts alongside the reunited Kirk, Spock, Bones, Scotty, Uhura, Chekov and Sulu. The game opens with Kirk and Spock summoned to help rescue a mysterious space station that’s headed towards catastrophe and promptly meeting T’Mar, a female Vulcan scientist who plays a key role in the action-packed journey that awaits. “T’Mar is the captain of the space station and was a childhood friend of Spock,” says Paramount Senior Vice President and Executive Producer Brian Miller. “Her blend of incredible intelligence and unexpected beauty prove intriguing to Kirk.”

T’Mar then joins Kirk and Spock as they venture to New Vulcan, a planet that orbits a binary star and was colonized by Vulcans following the events of Star Trek (2009). Once on New Vulcan, Kirk, Spock and T’Mar encounter the game’s other new Vulcan, Surok, a great Vulcan leader.

“When we crafted this story we wanted to make sure the player realizes that the usually logical, Spock can have very emotional connections to the ones he cares about," Miller says. "Surok was one of Spock’s childhood mentors and is also T’Mar’s father. Together, they are helping to lead the colonization of New Vulcan.”Later, players will discover that Surok is among the few survivors of a brutal attack on New Vulcan perpetrated by the Gorn. Why the Gorn attacked and what they desire are at the heart of STAR TREK The Video Game.

“Video games are not only exciting to play, they’ve become a compelling medium for telling stories, so with Star Trek, we had an amazing opportunity to introduce new characters that are integral to the plot of our game," Miller says. "Our game’s story is canon to the new Star Trek universe, so we had a great responsibility to get these new characters right, and to make them exciting and meaningful to players."T’Mar and Surok assume major roles in helping Kirk and Spock learn more about the Gorn’s attacks not just on New Vulcan, but across the galaxy. They also reveal that the Gorn have absconded with a powerful and mysterious machine known as the Helios Device, the functions of which could prove disastrous in the hands of an enemy as ruthless as the Gorn.“For players who want to simply enjoy the experience of playing as Kirk and Spock, Star Trek is going to be a great game experience,” Miller says. “But for those eager to dig deeper into a robust story, we hope it’s an adventure that will excite both longtime fans and game enthusiasts alike.”

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