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Spock/Uhura Mr. and Mrs. Potato Heads on the Way

Spock/Uhura Mr. and Mrs. Potato Heads on the Way

Just how crazy was the reaction to the news that Kirk and Kor Mr. Potato Heads are the way (due in September)? So crazy that PPW Toys, under license from Hasbro, is lifting the lid early on its next set of Mr. – and Mrs.! – Potato Heads… Spock and Uhura. They’ll beam into stores and e-retailers in November, and we’ve got a First Look, not to mention some details.

Mr. Potato Head will have a new look and shape that PPW Toys plans to introduce this fall. They’ve slightly updated the shape and design of everyone’s favorite Spud, and the Spock/Uhura set will be one of the very first co-licensed Mr./Mrs. Potato Heads to incorporate that fresh look. Further, all of the pieces will be interchangeable with previous and future Star Trek Mr. Potato Heads, meaning that fans can create their own character – please forgive us – “mash-ups.”

On a more serious note, it should be pointed out the Star Trek Mr. Potato Head figures are precisely that… Mr. Potato Head figures. The Trek sets represent Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head paying homage to their favorite Trek characters. As a result, the physical characteristics, including noses, eyes, etc., are all Mr. Potato Head features.

The Spock and Uhura Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head set will be priced at $30-$35 depending on the retailer. For additional information keep an eye on both and