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Smuggler's Heavy Escort R&D Promotion

Smuggler's Heavy Escort R&D Promotion

Star Trek Online, from now until June 15th, 2017 at 10am PST, will be featuring a promotion that will provide an extra bonus when purchasing Research & Development Packs from the C-Store.

During this promotion, all Research & Development Packs purchased from the C-Store and opened will reward the character opening them with either 10 Lobi Crystals, or a brand new Amarie-class Smuggler’s Heavy Escort [T6], in addition to the standard contents of the Research & Development pack.

This starship – adapted straight from the screen of “Unification, Part I(Star Trek: The Next Generation, 5x07) – has been given additional backstory and weight in the larger universe of Star Trek Online, as part of Cryptic’s continuing celebration of the 30th Anniversary of TNG. Prepare to embrace your inner smuggler, as you captain this well-armed civilian warship, which combines formidable combat prowess with the amenities previously only seen on Freighter-type vessels.

Amarie-class Smuggler’s Heavy Escort [T6]

After inheriting a fleet of these armed vessels from her deceased ex-husband, the musician and entrepreneur Amarie used these ships - commonly considered to represent the pinnacle of civilian warship engineering - to carve out an economic empire for herself over the course of many years. Now seeking retirement, she has worked with an old Ferengi business contact to sell off the fleet, and the means to produce more of these formidably-armed freighters. Ever a vain one, Amarie insisted her name be affixed to the starships as part of the contract.

Amarie-class Smuggler’s Heavy Escorts are heavily-armed and armored, and capable of standing toe-to-toe with most modern warships of the modern era. In addition to its considerable armaments, each of these vessels puts a full suite of freighter amenities at the disposal of their captain and crew, accessible by visiting the ship's interior.

This starship features a Lieutenant Commander Universal/Intelligence Specialist Bridge Officer seat and a Lieutenant Tactical/Pilot Specialist Bridge Officer seat.

Ship Details

  • Tier: 6
  • Faction: All
  • Availability: R&D Promo
  • Rank Required: Rear Admiral, Brigadier General or Sub Admiral I (Level 40)
  • Hull Strength: 34,500 at level 40, 39,675 at level 50 and 46,000 at level 60
  • Shield Modifier: 1.35
  • Fore Weapons: 5
  • Aft Weapons: 2
  • Device Slots: 2
  • Bridge Officer Stations: 1 Lieutenant Tactical/Pilot, 1 Commander Tactical, 1 Ensign Engineering, 1 Lieutenant Commander Science, 1 Lieutenant Commander Universal/Intelligence
  • Console Modifications: 5 Tactical, 2 Engineering, 4 Science
  • Base Turn Rate: 15 degrees/second
  • Impulse Modifier: 0.2
  • Inertia: 50
  • +15 to Weapon Power, +5 to Engine Power
  • Console – Universal – Supplemental Weaponry
  • Can Load Dual Cannons
  • Cloaking Device
  • Heavy Weapon Slot
  • Heavy Weapon - "Slamshot" Magnetic Artillery
  • Onboard Amenities:
    • Trader Contact
    • Quartermaster Vendor
    • Bank, Mail, and Exchange Access
  • Starship Mastery Package (Destroyer)
    • Precise Weapon Systems (+Accuracy)
    • Enhanced Weapon Banks (+Crit Severity)
    • Devastating Weaponry (+Crit Chance)
    • Enhanced Weapon Systems (+All Damage)
    • Reverberation (Starship Trait)

“Slamshot” Magnetic Artillery (Heavy Weapon)

This slow-firing kinetic cannon suffers from an accuracy penalty, but can cripple a foe with a single shot when it hits. In addition to a high-damage payload, it leaves a lingering Kinetic Damage Resistance Rating debuff on the target.

It may be upgraded like a standard weapon, swapped out for another Heavy Weapon, and placed in any other starship's Heavy Weapon Slot.

Console – Universal – Supplemental Weaponry

Every Amarie-class Smuggler’s Heavy Escort (T6) comes equipped with the Console - Universal - Supplemental Weaponry. When this console's ability is activated, two artillery launchers will unleash a series of kinetic damage blasts into the space within 5km ahead of the vessel in a 180' degree arc, over the course of several seconds. Each foe caught in this barrage will receive heavy kinetic damage with a chance of having their shields knocked offline with each hit.

This console also provides a passive boost to Critical Severity with Kinetic Weapons, and Tactical Readiness.

This console may be equipped in any console slot, but may only be used on the Amarie-class Smuggler’s Heavy Escort (T6). You may only have one of these consoles equipped at a time.

Reverberation (Starship Trait)

After achieving Level 5 in your Amarie-class Smuggler’s Heavy Escort (T6), you will unlock the Reverberation Starship Trait. While this starship trait is slotted, dealing damage to any foe with a Projectile weapon will grant you a Reverberation Charge at a maximum rate of 1 per second. Each Reverberation Charge grants a stacking 10% chance to knock your opponents' shields offline for 5sec when using Projectile weapons. On a successful deactivation, all charges are consumed and you are locked out of building up charges for several seconds.

Amarie-class Smuggler’s Heavy Escort (T6) – Admiralty Ship Stats

  • ENG:  20
  • SCI:  44
  • TAC:  62
  • SPECIAL:  Ignores +/- ENG from Events


Every Amarie-class Smuggler’s Heavy Escort features a brand new custom bridge and interior, which includes many of the amenities seen in lower-tier Freighters. These features include:

  • Trader Contact
  • Quartermaster Vendor
  • Bank, Mail, and Exchange Access

NOTE: The above stats and systems are subject to change.

Jeremy “BorticusCryptic” RandallLead Systems DesignerStar Trek Online