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"Sledgehammer" Music Video Released

"Sledgehammer" Music Video Released

Music superstar Rihanna considered herself "honored" to be asked to record the theme song for the upcoming Star Trek Beyond. A lifelong Trek fan, whose father turned her on to Trek at a young age, Rihanna contributes the song "Sledgehammer," which not only will be featured on the Beyond soundtrack and can be heard in the third Beyond trailer, but which is available now as a single along with an accompanying music video.

Paramount Pictures has also just released a video in which Rihanna discuses her fandom and the importance to her of the song. She explains that Star Trek "has been a part of me since my childhood" and that it's "never left me." So, the decision to record "Sledgehammer" was entirely "automatic."  As for the song itself, it "needed to be big, impactful, very emotional, dramatic and haunting... All at the same time."

Mission accomplished.

Star Trek Beyond will open on July 22. Keep an eye on for additional news about the latest Enterprise adventure.