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Shatner Unveils Spock Mosaic Made of Fan Selfies

Shatner Unveils Spock Mosaic Made of Fan Selfies

William Shatner, on Sunday, revealed to the world a mosaic of Leonard Nimoy as Spock making the split-fingered Vulcan greeting... and it's comprised of selfies of fans making the split-fingered Vulcan greeting. The mosaic is the end product of an unusual request Shatner made of his followers earlier this month, when he called for fans to send him such photos... with no questions asked. Of course, everyone had an inkling as to what Shatner was up to because he requested that photos be sent to the following addess: here's what Shatner tweeted on August 9:Why did I ask for all those #LLAP selfies? For a @gishwhes task as a tribute to Leonard. Thank you!

USA Today


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