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Science Officer-Professor? Fans Vote...

Science Officer-Professor? Fans Vote...

Professor Spock, we presume?, for our latest weekly poll, asked Which science officer would make the best professor. The reply options included Jadzia Dax, Spock, T'Pol, Tuvok, Mirok, Riley Frazier and Dimitri Valtane. More than 18,000 fans voted and they made the logical choice. Also, in an unusual turn of events, a couple of reply options ended up with zero percent of the vote. Here's the breakdown:

Spock (47%)

Jadzia Dax (35%)
Tuvok (12%)
T'Pol (5%)
Riley Frazier (0%, 55 votes)
Dmitri Valtane (0%, 36 votes)
Mirok (0%, 29 votes)

So, how did YOUR would-be professor of choice fare?