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Robert Beltran Set to Star in New Sci-Fi Film

Robert Beltran Set to Star in New Sci-Fi Film

Robert Beltran is soon to start work on his first sci-fi project since Star Trek: Voyager, and it’s an indie feature titled Resilient 3D. The sci-fi/disaster story unfolds in 2052 and finds the Earth in her final days after being ravaged by Mother Nature. Beltran will play Dermot Turner, a theoretical physicist racing the clock to relocate the planet’s population to Europa, Jupiter’s moon. Virginia Madsen, who guest starred opposite Beltran on Voyager, is set to co-star, while Miguel Sandoval, John Diehl and Ayelet Zurer are also on board for the production, which is slated to begin shooting in Montreal, Canada in April.

Much of the Resilient 3D budget has been financed based on selling international distribution, tax credits and personal equity, but writer/producer/director Michael Taverna and his team of co-producers are turning to Kickstarter to raise the funds needed to realize the more than 170 VFX, holographics and CGI to render the journey from Earth to Mars to Europa.

“The story is ultimately about overcoming the loss of someone or something that was dearly beloved,” Beltran told “Dermot experiences this and yet must rise to a seemingly impossible challenge set before him. It is about the ‘resilience’ required to survive impossible odds. It is not only the personal challenge set before Dermot, but all of humanity.”

Beltran went on to elaborate about his character. “Living mostly in his mind and intellect, he perhaps has neglected his wife (Zurer),” the actor says. “When he loses the great love of his life, he strives to find a reason to go on. During his struggle, he develops a deeper understanding of the nature of love, and this frees him to confront the task set before him with renewed inspiration.”

The Kickstarter campaign is underway now. Contributors can, depending on their level of participation, receive a wide array of perks ranging from posters and lunch with Beltran to set visits and one's choice of production models. Visit to donate.

Beltran noted that he’s pleased that the millions of people who love sci-fi will have the opportunity to get directly involved in making what he believes will be an “extraordinary” film. “I think it is beautiful that fans can be a part of this by contributing to the Kickstarter campaign,” Beltran says. “I have been the recipient of great support by Star Trek fans all over the world. Knowing the great generosity of Trekkers and sci-fi fans in general, I can say that it is great to dive into a new sci-fi project that will allow me to interact with those fans once again. Especially in anticipation of how proud and pleased they will be to have helped this great project come to fruition.”

Keep an eye on for additional news about Resilient 3D. And be sure to visit the film’s Kickstarter page and the official Facebook Page.