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Roberson Talks Trek/LSH Finale & More, Part 1

Roberson Talks Trek/LSH Finale & More, Part 1

Chris Roberson was handed the keys to the kingdom and he was a very happy camper. That’s to say that IDW Publishing invited Roberson, a hardcore fan of both Star Trek and Legion of Super-Heroes, to write their six-part Trek/LSH crossover series, and Roberson couldn’t say “Yes!” fast enough. IDW will release Issue #6 on Wednesday, and took advantage of the opportunity to interview the comic book writer/novelist/editor/publisher about the crossover adventure’s finale, his background and his upcoming projects. You can read part one of our conversation down below, and visit again tomorrow to read part two.

How familiar with Star Trek were you before contributing to the franchise?

Roberson: As an elementary school student in the 1970s, I “dressed up” for class pictures in Starfleet uniform shirts (usually Sciences blue, since I tended to identify more with Spock than any other character). I was a member of the Starfleet fan club in the 1980s, and a member of the Klingon Language Institute in the 1990s. The first week I dated my future wife, I introduced her to Deep Space Nine (and when she wanted to watch more, I knew I’d one day marry her). And more recently, I was able to realize a childhood dream when I was invited to write a Star Trek novella for Pocket Books’ “Myriad Universes” series.

How did you first hook up with IDW for this crossover project?

Roberson: They approached me with the project. I don’t think they realized how much of a fanatic for both Star Trek and the Legion of Super-Heroes I am until much later!

Trek and LSH fans are very attached to their respective franchises and pay attention to the most finite of details. How daunting was it going into your crossover series and what kinds of reactions have you gotten from fans of both franchises?

Roberson: It wasn’t daunting at all, to be honest. Since childhood I’ve been as big of fan of the Legion as I am of Star Trek, and the chance to do a story that involved both franchises was simply too tempting to pass up!

What would you say Trek and LSH – the worlds and characters – have in common?

Roberson: Both franchises are set in utopian futures in which humanity has gone out into the stars, met aliens, and made friends with them. In both, there is a democratic federation of planetary cultures, defended by an organization made up of representatives from all of the member worlds.

Which Trek characters have you most enjoyed writing? And why? And which were the most challenging?

Roberson: If I’m honest, I probably had the most fun writing dialogue for Doctor McCoy. Every line I wrote, I heard in my head in the voice of DeForest Kelley. But then, the same goes for Kirk, whose lines echoed in my head in the delivery style of William Shatner. But really, I don’t think any of the characters presented a particular challenge.

Was there anything you could NOT do? If so, what and why not?

Roberson: The only note we got back from CBS was that Spock could not speak with contractions, which I had done once or twice.

How on the same page were you and the crossover's artists, the Moys?

Roberson: If anything, the Moy brothers are as much fans of Star Trek as I am, and their passion for the series really came through on the page, I think.

Trek/Legion #6 will be out on Wednesday. Give us a preview…

Roberson: It’s all been leading up to this!

More, please.

In this final issue of the crossover, we learn just how this altered timeline came into being, as the Legionnaires and Starfleet officers face off with a common enemy in the present and in the distant past.  But in order to restore the timelines that they knew, the two teams will have to overcome a power far greater than anything they could have imagined.

How hard was it to write “The End”?

Roberson: I could have continued writing these characters indefinitely, but I was delighted to have had the chance to do it, all the same!

Click HERE to visit Roberson’s official site. To find the Star Trek/LSH crossover comics, contact your local comic book retailer or visit And visit again tomorrow to read part two of our interview with Roberson.