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Retro TOS Movie Lithographs Available Now

Retro TOS Movie Lithographs Available Now

Bye Bye Robot has just unveiled six new Star Trek lithographs inspired by the half-dozen Star Trek: The Original Series features. Created by artist Matt Ferguson, each of the posters utilizes vibrant colors and stark imagery to capture the essence of the respective films. For example, Ilia dominates the poster for The Motion Picture, while Khan glares menacingly from The Wrath of Khan piece, and space itself dwarfs the Excelsior in The Undiscovered Country

“These new lithographs are a striking combination of retro movie-poster design and Ferguson’s own personal style,” Chris Wood, co-founder of Bye Bye, Robot, said in a statement. “They give the viewer a glimpse into the heart of each of the films, and bring to mind the wonderful memories we all have of watching these movies for the first time."

The lithographs are printed on heavyweight 100lb paper, and each one measures 12” x 24.” They’re available individually for $25 or together as a set of six for $125 (plus shipping), meaning fans can receive all six for the price of five.

Click HERE to purchase.