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Resistance to Borg Cube VR Will Be... Well, You Know

Resistance to Borg Cube VR Will Be... Well, You Know

Resistance will no doubt be futile on November 24, when CherryTree makes its new Borg Cube VR virtual reality-capable gaming system available for pre-order. Commemorating the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Borg Cube VR is the big brother to Borg Cube, which was released on September 24th. Borg Cube VR orders will ship on December 15th, 2017.

“Being avid fans of the Star Trek franchise and being passionate about creating exciting technology integrations, we created a line of Borg Cube computers,” Martin Roth, CEO of CherryTree Inc., said in a statement. “These powerful machines are capable of handling the most intense of tasks (i.e VR Gaming). What makes these machines incredibly unique is the detail of the Borg Cube ship, the transportation of choice of the most intimidating and ruthless villain of the TNG universe, something any true Trekkie can appreciate.”

Borg Cube VR will be available in the US and Europe. These machines can be configured in depth via the custom configurator, and additional highlights include:

  • Supports up to Intel I9 X-series and AMD Threadripper
  • Intel® Optane™ Memory capable (based on configuration)
  • Up to 128gb of ram
  • Up to 3x M2 NVME up to 2tb
  • Support for Multiple NvidiaTM GeForce GTXTM 1080 Ti
  • Multiple SSD or plater drives
  • Optical Drive available (for watching those classic episodes in spectacular Blu-ray)
  • Custom lighting schemes

The Borg Cube VR machines will start at $1599.00, including a one-year warranty. Go to for more information and to pre-order the product.