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Remembering Veteran Star Trek Director Robert Wiemer

Remembering Veteran Star Trek Director Robert Wiemer is saddened to report the passing of Robert Wiemer, a veteran writer, producer and director whose credits included The Big Blue Marble, Somewhere, Tomorrow, Superboy, SeaQuest 2032 and New York Undercover, as well as eight episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and one episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Wiemer died on Thursday, August 21, following a lengthy illness, at the age of 76, but news of his passing was not made public until now.

Wiemer, for TNG, directed, "Who Watches The Watchers," "Data's Day," "Violations," "Schisms," "Lessons," "Interface," "Parallels" and "Masks." And for DS9, he called the shots on "Profit and Loss." Long before Star Trek, Wiemer served as a mentor and friend to Star Trek producer Rick Berman, with whom he worked on several documentaries and also the television series The Big Blue Marble.

"Bob was somebody I had known since I was 21 years old," Berman told "He was somebody who taught me how to edit. He taught me how to work 16-millimeter cameras and sound equipment, and he eventually taught me how to produce. He's the person who put me into the position of running this wonderful series, The Big Blue Marble. We remained friends since the 1960s, and he came in did a number of our Star Trek shows. He was just a remarkable, kind, gentle, good person. In addition to Big Blue Marble and Star Trek, we also worked on a lot of documentaries together and traveled all over the world together for the United Nations and the United States Information Agency. We hadn't seen that much of each other in the last few years because he lived in Las Vegas and was getting ill, but I saw him less than a month (before he died). It's very tragic and sad. He was a wonderful friend." offers our condolences to Wiemer's family and friends.