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Remembering TNG Guest Star Ellen Albertini Dow, 1913-2015

Remembering TNG Guest Star Ellen Albertini Dow, 1913-2015 is saddened to report the passing of Ellen Albertini Dow, who died on Monday at the age of 101. Dow— who was most famous for playing the rapping granny who sang "Rapper's Delight" in the Adam Sandler comedy The Wedding Singer—guest starred as Felisa Howard, Dr. Crusher's grandmother, in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Sub Rosa." The role was just one in a long career that didn't even start until Albertini Dow was in her 70s; she taught acting for many years before actually stepping in front of a camera herself.

Albertini Dow counted among her television and film credits two episodes of The Twlight Zone reboot, Munchies, Newhart, The Golden Girls, Sister Act, Quantum Leap, Seinfeld, Carnival of Souls, 54, Scrubs, Six Feet Under, Wedding Crashers, Hannah Montana and Family Guy. Her final two appearances, both from 2013, were an episode of New Girl and the film East of Arcadia.

The actress, who was born in Mt. Carmel, Pennsylvania, in November of 1913, was predeceased by her husband Eugene, who died in 2004. Please join in offering our condolences to Albertini Dow's family, friends, colleagues and fans.