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Remembering TNG Actor & Stand-in, James G. Becker, 1966-2014

Remembering TNG Actor & Stand-in, James G. Becker, 1966-2014 is saddened to report the passing of James G. Becker, a longtime background actor and stand-in who appeared on seasons one through three of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Becker, 48, passed away on December 5 at a hospital in Algona, Iowa; no cause of death was noted in his obituary.

Soon after arriving in Los Angeles from his native Oswego, Illinois, Becker was introduced by a mutual friend to Les Landau, who was a first assistant director on TNG as the show moved into production with "Encounter at Farpoint." Becker returned to TNG again and again and again, more than 40 times in total, and his "character" was given the unofficial name, Ensign Youngblood. He also served as the stand-in for Jonathan Frakes. Becker later chose to return home to Illinois and, to thank him, Frakes had Becker deliver his sole line of dialogue -- actually just one word, "Gentlemen..." -- when he directed the third-season episode "The Offspring."

Becker lived for several years in the Twin Cities area before moving to Britt, Iowa. There, he worked as an insurance agent for State Farm and eventually took over the business. He also was an assistant coach for his children's track, football and basketball teams at West Hancock High School. Becker is survived by his wife, Tammy, and their three children. extends our condolences to Becker's family and friends.