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Remembering Star Trek VI Actor & Stuntman Alan Marcus

Remembering Star Trek VI Actor & Stuntman Alan Marcus is saddened to report the passing of Alan Marcus, a veteran stuntman and actor who appeared in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Marcus -- who died suddenly on January 9, new confirmed by his friends and fellow stuntmen/actors, B.J. Davis and Kane Hodder -- played Yeoman Samno, who was part of the conspiracy to sabotage the Federation-Klingon peace talks. Samno and fellow conspirator Burke (played by Davis) killed several Klingons, among them Chancellor Gorkon, before the duplicitous Lt. Valeris murdered both of them to keep the conspiracy under wraps.

Marcus' many other credits as an actor and/or stuntman included The Octagon, CHiPs, The Hidden II, Lone Wolf McQuade, Rambo III and Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday. He was reportedly working on several projects at the time of his death, including Precious Cargo, a film he'd written and was set to produce.

Please join in offering our condolences to Marcus' family, friends and colleagues.