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Remembering Penny Juday, Longtime Trek Archivist & Art Department Coordinator

Remembering Penny Juday, Longtime Trek Archivist & Art Department Coordinator is sadded to report the passing of Penny Juday, the longtime Star Trek art department coordinator who served the franchise as an archivist. Juday, who was 60, died on Saturday, December 19, succumbing to colon and liver cancer. During her Star Trek days, which spanned from The Undiscovered Country to Nemesis and included all seven seasons of Deep Space Nine, Juday wore many hats. She worked directly for Herman Zimmerman on Generations, First Contact, Insurrection and Nemesis, and as Star Trek archivist (on the Paramount Pictures backlot), she kept track of everything and anything Trek-related: sets, props, photos, blueprints, miniatures/models and more, and was the go-to person for production staffers when they required information or the actual items.

Trek fans often saw/heard Juday in the special features of Trek DVD releases. She served as project coordinator for Star Trek: The Magazine and curator of the History of the Future Museum for Star Trek: The Experience. And she occasionally doubled as a set buyer, purchasing props for productions as needed. So beloved was Juday that she was tapped for cameo appearances in Insurrection and Generations and had a character (Ensign Penny Juday) named after her on Deep Space Nine.

Juday's non-Trek credits included On Deadly Ground, Alien: Resurrection, NCIS and You Don't Mess with the Zohan, and she was an animal lover who rescued many cats and kittens through her organization, Paw Haven, which was linked to Precious Paws. She lived in Indiana and is survived by her husband, Anthony Fredrickson, a former scenic artist on both Deep Space Nine and Enterprise. Please join in extending our condolences to Juday's family, friends and colleagues.