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QMx Stuns with New Phaser

QMx Stuns with New Phaser

QMx is back with their latest Star Trek replica collectible, and it’s a keeper. The QMx Enterprise Metal-Plated Phaser replica is a 1:1-scale, screen-accurate replica of the stunt phaser seen in Star Trek (2009). Cast from a first-generation master of the screen-used phaser, it features a solid polystone core that’s been precision metal-plated in several finishes, namely steel, gunmetal, aluminum and chrome.

Andy Gore, CEO of QMx, elaborated on the attention to detail paid in recreating the phaser. “The stunt phasers in the movie were cast from a rapid prototyped digital master,” he explains. “Ours was produced exactly the same way -- from the exact same digital master. So the QMx replica and the actual stunt prop have precisely the same geometry and measurements. However, rather than using metal paint to finish the prop, we took the extra step of metal-plating our model to match the hero (phaser), which had many metal parts. So, when you hold our phaser, it's cold to the touch and its solid core gives it weight. It feels good in your hand.”

Gore adds that there’s no underestimating the value of having access to the first-generation master. Calling it “indispensable,” he notes that without that digital master, this work, like many replicas, would have been a "best guess" made from photos and, if they were really lucky, a laser scan of one of the screen-used props. “But that would have meant losing a generation, as we would have been making a copy of a copy of the master,” Gore says. “It would have been slightly smaller and, unavoidably, detail would have been lost.”

The QMx Enterprise Metal-Plated Phaser Replica – which is expected to ship on May 15 and will be priced at $49.95 -- measures 10.5 long by 7” high, grip included, and it weighs more than a pound. It comes with a custom-designed display stand in smoke-colored lucite and includes a brass name plaque.

And, yes, Gore is quick to point out, the phaser can be separated from the display stand, enabling fans to unleash their inner Kirk. “We designed this as both a display and cosplay prop,” he says. “We wanted enough detail and sheen that any fan would be happy to have their phaser on display, but set the cost at a reasonable enough price that they wouldn't be afraid to use it to finish off their costume.”

To pre-order the phaser, click here.