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Pride and Players' Choice Arrive for Star Trek Timelines

From new campaigns to a Voyager themed event, here is what's new in June

Star Trek Timelines

This June, Star Trek Timelines is celebrating Pride Month.? We’re starting on June 11, with a campaign featuring Lenara Kahn, as well as Reinforcements Stamets. This will be followed, later on, by a crew giveaway!?

June is also the Players Choice Month, a Star Trek Timelines tradition, and it comes with a variety of happenings we hope our players will look forward to.

A Players Choice Mega-Event, themed around the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Before and After.”?

Like Kes before you, you suddenly find yourself shifting between the present timeline and a troubling future that can only be prevented if you can pinpoint and alter the inciting event. Journey through the Ocampan past and the galaxy’s potential future as you fight to save the galaxy from the Tholian threat.

This Mega-Event will feature Suspiria, a Nacene also known as the other Caretaker, and a new ship: a Tholian Starship!

Star Trek Timelines - Star Trek: Voyager

Each week during the Mega-Event, players can have a higher chance of success in events by using the featured event crew, their variants, and crew with the Warp Theorist or Caregiver trait - all of whom will receive event bonuses.?? Suspiria will be the recurrent threshold reward throughout. Don’t miss out, make sure to participate in all four events!

?The schedule will be as follows:

Faction Event "Small Mercies" - 06/11
Skirmish Event "A Web of Lies" - 06/18
Galaxy Event "Against the House" - 06/25?

Hybrid Event Galaxy/Skirmish “Someone Like Me” - 07/02

A Players Choice Character and temporary achievements?

In addition to choosing the theme for the Mega-Event, our players were also asked to pick a new character to be featured in a theme pack that will go live later this month. Their choice landed on: Homesteader Janeway (from the Voyager episode: “Resolutions”)!??

But that doesn’t stop there - as was the case for Doctor ‘Bones’ McCoy, players will also have the opportunity to gain copies ofHomesteader Janeway by completing temporary achievements! Keep an eye out for more information on this soon.??Live long and prosper,??

The Star Trek Timelines Team?


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