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PREVIEW: Star Trek Books Coming In 2015

PREVIEW: Star Trek Books Coming In 2015

Star Trek books aplenty await fans in 2015, with nearly two dozen novels, novellas and non-fiction books on the way. Simon & Schuster/Pocket Books will publish most of the titles, and they've given an advance look at their schedule, which includes:

January --
DS9: The Missing

February --
TNG: Takedown

March --
TOS: Savage Trade
TOS: Shadow of the Machine

April --
ENT: Rise of the Federation: Uncertain Logic

May --
TOS: Crisis of Conciousness

June --
TNG: Armageddon's Arrow

July --
DS9: Sacraments of Fire

August --
SEEKERS: Long Shot

September --VOY: Atonement (by Kirsten Beyer) and NEW FRONTIER: Return #3 (an eNovella by Peter David)October --TITAN: Sight Unseen (by James Swallow)November --SEEKERS: Untitled (by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore)December --TOS: Child of Two Worlds (by Greg Cox)

Also, as previously reported here at, The Autobiography of James T. Kirk: The Story of Starfleet's Greatest Captain and Star Trek: Dressing the Final Frontier will be released in 2015. The Autobiography of James T. Kirk is precisely that, with David Goodman, noted television writer and author of Federation: The First 150 Years, embodying Kirk's voice. Due out in the fall, it'll be produced by Becker&Mayer! and published by Titan Books.

Star Trek: Dressing the Final Frontier will be published in the fall by Insight Editions and will showcase Trek's unique costumes, from Spock’s staid Starfleet uniform to Uhura’s alluring mirror universe outfit. The book will feature a gallery of wardrobe designs, and every costume will be examined in intimate detail, tracing the design process from preproduction sketches to the stunning realization of the final outfit. Exclusive interviews with costume designers and experts will put the images into context.

Keep an eye on for news and updates about all of the Trek books mentioned above as well as well as additions to the list.